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More Noise, More Power!

The BMW M3 is a paragon of power, status and pure driving enjoyment. The M3 may have grown in size and weight throughout its numerous incarnations but there’s always one thing which remains constant and it’s the pure driving thrills that BMW’s super coupe deliver. However, human nature is such that we never are truly satisfied with our possessions and the urge to improve them soon takes over.

The E92 M3 has about 414bhp at the crank, which is plenty for most people, but the exhaust just seems way too civilized for a car like the M3. Even on GT Auto’s dyno, where it made 327.97PS and 32.8kg/m of torque at the wheels, we were taken aback by just how silent the car is. The glorious roar of the V8 was could barely be heard. This is where a high quality, big-brand name exhaust system could do wonders for the M3’s character and power output.

The Akrapovic Evolution exhaust system for the BMW M3 consists of flow optimized link pipes with 2 x 100 cpsi sports catalysts and integrated resonators as well as completely newly developed split-end mufflers. This exhaust system is made of special grade titanium made available only to Akrapovic. It is a full header-back exhaust system and is 23.97kg lighter than the standard exhaust system.

Most titanium exhaust systems are made of welded sections because of the hard and brittle nature of titanium, which makes it hard to bend. Akrapovic’s titanium exhaust systems are free of welded sections as each bend is made by a process called hydroforming. It is only through hydroforming that titanium can be bent into shape without cracking as hydroforming uses high pressure water to shape and form the material.

After running the car on the dyno to get a baseline powerfigure, the car was brought over to Torque Gear to install the new Akrapovic exuast system. Where Akrapovic’s exhaust system comes in three separate sections which makes it easy to fit, the original exhaust system comes in two separate sections. We also noticed that on one of the sections, the pipe is actually semi crushed and flat for clearance. This would hinder engine performance quite a bit.

With the stock exhaust system off the car, the Akrapovic system was ready to go on. Each kit came with all the necessary clamps and fittings making the installation quick and easy. Before the Akrapovic exhaust went on, we took this chance to take a closer look at the exhaust. The Akrapovic exhaust system is by far one of the most finely crafted exhaust systems we’ve ever seen.

After a few minor adjustments to the tailpipes to make sure they sat straight, the car was lowered down the lift and engine was started to check for leaks. Even at startup the difference in the M3’s engine note was startling. At idle, the exhaust sounded nice and bassy, giving the M3 a true sports car type exhaust note. The exhaust was audible but not loud and fierce yet refined.

With the exhaust system installed by the expert hands at Torque Gear, the M3 was driven back to GT Auto for a power run on the dyno. Akrapovic claims that their exhaust system will liberate an extra 22.2hp and 34.97Nm of torque and according to GT Auto’s dyno, the M3 made 352.6PS and 36.36kg/m of torque at the wheels, an increase of 24.63PS and 3.56kg/m of torque. More noise and more power, double win!

Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust System

Before 327.97PS
After 352.60PS
Gain +24.63PS

Before 32.80kg/m
After 36.36kg/m
Gain +3.56kg/m

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