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Lancer-lot’s reflash

Due to the exterior similarities, Mitsubishi Lancer owners had a field day in getting bodykits and other exterior modifications for their cars courtesy of its steroid-chewing brother, the Lancer Evolution X. Nonetheless, under the hood, the Lancer wasn’t receiving as much love as the Evo was from tuners and the aftermarket industry at large.

Fortunately though, After12 Motorsports in Sunway has decided to fill the gap with a simple yet functional and proven method of raising power, an ECU remap. This service is available exclusively only for the Lancer and has been receiving some favourable responses from the Lancer community thus far.

We’ve covered the pros and cons of an ECU remap countless times before so this time around we’ll skip the 101 lesson and move straight to the process and the results. The simplicity of the process makes it a viable option for many owners with wire splicing and adding sensors made redundant although that pro is offset by the limits of the factory sensors and safety parameters

The test subject Lancer was loaded onto the dyno and the laptop with the proper programs plugged into the OBD port. A number of runs were needed to sort out the timing for some extra horses and torque. Maps for wide-open throttle conditions can be adjusted to give more power while fuel economy can be fine tuned for highway and cruising conditions.

Simply put, anything that the stock ECU controls can be adjusted during the remap and burned into the ECU permanently once the results are satisfying. If the engine comes with drive-by-wire and variable timing, a remap allows you to fine-tune that as well.

Prior to the ECU reflash, the Lancer clocked in 106.31hp and 126.6Nm of torque under factory ECU parameters. The After12 Motorsports tuner then went to work, putting the car through run after run on the dyno to ensure the best possible settings were made to extract the most from the engine.

Although two Lancers that are stock to the bone might be considered identical, remapping them would almost always result in different outputs due to the variable parameters present that cannot be identically replicated. Therefore, each and every car undergoing a remap has to be fine-tuned individually to get the best possible output.

The final result on the dyno after all the magic through the laptop was 118.40hp and 141.01Nm of torque through the very capable 4B11 mill. Taking into consideration the lack of any aftermarket components, a gain of 12.09hp and 14.41Nm of torque from a simple reflash is not bad at all for a few hours work with no need for tools, apart from a laptop.

Product Power Torque Price Contact
Before 106.31hp 126.60Nm  RM1,999 After12 Motorsports
012-312 7113 / 013-773 7113
After12 ECU remap 118.40hp 141.01Nm
Gain 12.09hp 14.41Nm

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