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GT Auto ECU Reflash

ECU reflash services are gaining popularity these days and it’s not hard to see why. The advantages that an ECU reflash has over a piggyback or standalone EMS are many:

• No cutting or splicing of wires, decreasing the likelihood of problems occurring
• Wiring loom is left untouched which helps with warranty issues
• Less temptation for thieves to break into your car
• Standard factory ECU safety features are left intact
• Cars run best on factory ECUs

Reflashing a car’s ECU really is as simple as it sounds. A cable is plugged into the car’s On Board Diagnostic (OBD) socket and this cable is connected to a computer which allows the user to set the ECU’s fueling and ignition parameters. Speed and rev limiters can also be removed or increased.

As factory ECUs are normally set to run a little richer for safety, engine longevity and warranty and environmental issues, retuning the engine’s fueling maps will oftentimes yield more power while improving fuel economy. With the case of fly-by-wire cars, throttle response can also be increased for a snappier driving experience.

A reflash is also perfect for those who want a little bit more power out of their daily driver while keeping things nice and civilized. A reflash only tweaks the original ECU so nothing else needs to be done to the car for the mods to work. A reflash is essentially a shot of steroids for your car.

GT Auto also has their own reflash service for a wide range of cars. This Golf GTi is just one of the many cars which GT Auto has tweaked with their reflash facility and it belongs to Thomas, the owner of GT Auto.

Thomas went with a fairly conservative tune with his Golf, as he wanted to keep things nice and safe. There’s nothing worse than having your car spend more time in a shop than on the road. Thomas also upped the boost slightly to about 1.2bar.

In stock form, Thomas’ GTi made 192.04PS at the wheels. With the tweaked fuel maps and slightly more boost, his GTi now makes 222.12PS at the wheels. Thomas also went on to say that most GTi owners would turn the boost up to1.5bar for an extra 10PS, but he felt that the extra 10PS just wasn’t worth the stress on the engine from the increased boost.

GT Auto ECU Reflash

Before 192.04PS
After 222.12PS
Gain +30.8PS

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