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Godzilla Gets a Steroid Shot!

When the GT-R was first launched, car enthusiasts and fanatics all around the world jumped for joy. The latest GT-R was hailed to be the best one yet, featuring cutting edge technologies and one of the most advanced internal combustion engines ever created by man. To top it off, the GT-R’s engine would be hand built.

Then someone somewhere said that the GT-R ‘could not be tuned or modified.’ A few years after its launch, that certain someone is now eating his or her own words, as many tuning outfits in both Japan and the USA have cracked the GT-R wide open, allowing them to extract even more power out of the VR38DETT engine. Thanks to the valiant efforts of the tuners in Japan and the USA, the rest of the GT-R owning world could finally do what they’ve always wanted to do, soup up their GT-R.

ST Wangan is one of a handful of tuners in KL who have the expertise and equipment to handle the Nissan GT-R. This time round, they’ve got a GT-R which has been fitted with a few seemingly simple but extremely effective mods.

It is common knowledge that turbocharged cars can reap huge benefits from a free flowing exhaust system and the GT-R is no different. This GT-R was fitted with a Sunline Racing replacement Y-pipe and a Fujitsubo catback exhaust system. Both of these items are made of titanium, so not only does the GT-R gain power from the freer flowing exhaust, but it also sheds some weight.

With the exhaust system sorted out, this GT-R gained quite a bit of power, but we couldn’t say for sure how much because there was no baseline dyno chart to compare with. However, with the new exhaust system in place, the GT-R now makes a scarcely believable 555.6hp and 751Nm of torque at the engine.

Next on the list of mods is the HKS EVC 6 boost controller. Just to clear up some confusion, the GT-R does not require a ‘special’ EVC. Some of you may have heard about the ‘JDM spec – R35 only’ HKS EVC 6 which comes supplied with HKS’ GT570 and GT600 power up packages for the GT-R. This, I’m told, is nothing more than a marketing gimmick. These HKS EVC boost controllers are normal EVC’s with pre-programmed boost maps and settings. But this is somewhat redundant as once these kits are brought over here to our hot tropical and humid climate, the settings would have to be recalibrated again to suit our weather conditions and fuel quality.

With the EVC 6 installed, boost was raised to 1.0bar on its low setting and 1.1bar on its high setting from the stock setting of 0.9bar. 0.1bar may be a small increment, but 0.1bar makes quite a difference on the GT-R. With the HKS EVC 6 boost controller and Sunline and Fujitsubo exhaust combo, final power and torque figures with 1.1bar of boost stand at 602.1hp and 802Nm of torque at the engine.

If the GT-R can make this much power and torque from a simple exhaust upgrade and more boost, I shudder to think about what the VR38DETT can make when it is fully modified with reworked internals and big turbochargers.

Sunline Racing Y-Pipe
Fujitsubo catback exhaust system
HKS EVC 6 boost controller

Power (at engine)
Sunline Racing Y-pipe + Fujitsubo catback exhaust – 555.6hp
Sunline Racing Y-pipe + Fujitsubo catback exhaust + HKS EVC 6 – 602.1hp

Torque (at engine)
Sunline Racing Y-pipe + Fujitsubo catback exhaust – 751Nm
Sunline Racing Y-pipe + Fujitsubo catback exhaust + HKS EVC 6 – 802Nm

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