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Exciting Exora

So you’ve reached the point in your life where you’ve settled down, hung up your gear, and traded in your track toy for a family MPV. Your focus has shifted from your car hobby to your family’s needs. But there’s a lingering itch that still needs to be scratched, so you save up little by little for a future project but know you can’t afford another weekend car. What do?

Why not modify your MPV? Really, why not? The vanning culture is as legit as it gets and thrives well in countries like Japan and America. The idea of modifying vans and MPVs started because generally speaking car enthusiasts only grow old but don’t grow up. Thus exist aftermarket support for vans and MPVs that could easily rival those for high performance cars.

Here in Malaysia we have the Proton Exora, one of the popular choices of MPVs. As you would expect from an MPV it comfortably seats 7 people with room for luggage and is fully equipped with luxury items like an in-car entertainment system and cupholders. Like other Proton models it is powered by a 1.6-liter CamPro CPS which gets you 125.0hp and 150.0Nm of torque with the option of a 4-speed automatic, 5-speed manual, or 6-speed CVT automatic.

Speedworks offers a turbocharger kit for the CamPro CPS engine, and is also available for the Proton Exora model. The turbo manifold is custom fabricated in house by Speedworks and houses a small frame turbocharger for the 1.6-liter engine. The kit comes with a heat shield which is of high quality and looks factory-standard. The piping for the air filter and intercooler are fabricated from stainless steel.

Part of the kit includes removal of the restrictive stock air box and replacing it with a K&N mesh filter, complete with a heat shield and a blow-off valve too. The ECU is reflashed to optimize the performance of the turbocharger, but an aftermarket ECU is optional upon request depending on how much output the customer desires.

The exhaust kit is a complete front to back system from Hot Bits, which not only removes the restriction and provides better flow, but also meets the legal emission requirements.

As with the other Speedworks kit the turbo is set at a safe 0.5 bar of boost for the CamPro CPS engine, since the internals are still stock. The power figures with the turbocharger and supporting modifications are 173.4hp (an increase of 38.7%) and 246.7Nm of torque (an increase of 64.5%).

The uprated power is most welcome for an MPV weighing in just below 1.5 tonnes, which has the boost coming in at 1,000 – 2,000rpm and spreads all the way across the rev-range. If you’re looking for a turbocharger kit to excite your family MPV without breaking budget, than the Speedworks Proton Exora turbocharger kit is the answer for you. Just remember to ask for permission from your wife first.

For more information about the Proton Exora turbocharger kit or to find out what magic Speedworks can do for your car, give them a call at 03-7955 5533 or 012-333 0811. You can also write to them at or visit their website at

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Proton Exora

Speedworks turbocharger kit with Garrett turbo, stainless steel piping, blow-off valve, K&N air filter, ECU, Hot Bits turbocharger exhaust system

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Power (bhp)

(+ 48.4 / 38.7%

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Torque (Nm)

(+ 96.7 / 64.5%)

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