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ARMA Supercharger Kit

A supercharger has numerous advantages over a turbocharger. The most obvious is that there is no turbo lag, so the engine’s power and torque delivery are nice and linear. Secondly, a supercharger doesn’t run the risk of boost spikes unlike turbochargers, which would result in serious engine damage in most cases.

There are two main types of superchargers, positive displacement superchargers and rotary superchargers, which are essentially belt driven turbochargers. ARMA’s supercharger is rotary type supercharger, but with a slight difference. Instead of the usual 6 to 8 impeller blades a typical rotary supercharger has, ARMA’s supercharger has 16 blades. ARMA claims that this allows their supercharger to produce more power.

Designed by an aircraft engineer, ARMA’s supercharger kit comes with all included brackets, pulleys, injectors, piping, an intercooler and even a piggyback ECU. The intercooler is also a brand new, patented design. Instead of the usual tube-and-fin or bar-and-plate intercooler, ARMA’s intercooler is made up of hollow aluminium tubes. ARMA claims that this design is much more efficient and has a higher flow rate than conventional tube-and-fin and bar-and-plate intercoolers. The aluminium tubes also have a rifled bore for improved airflow.

Representatives from ARMA were specially flown in from Taiwan to install the supercharger kit on this Mark X at the owner’s request. Installation and dyno tuning was done with the help of Vision Auto’s technicians at their premises in Sunway.

The car was put on the dyno for a baseline power figure and the 2.5 litre V6 managed to churn out 157.19PS and 19.38kg/m of torque at the wheels. Then Mr. Chen, a technician from ARMA, began working on getting the kit installed. Installing the kit normally takes 8 hours, according to William, Marketing Manager of ARMA. But due to unforeseen circumstances, installation of the kit couldn’t be completed in time so work was to be continued the next day.

When I arrived at Vision Auto the next day, the kit had been installed and Mr. Chen was fine tuning the fuel map on the dyno. The noise which greeted me was an eclectic mix of jet turbine engine and silky 6-cylinder engine howl; the noise was intoxicating.

Mr. Chen was hoping to achieve at least 210PS at the wheels, but the car struggled to break the 200PS mark. The car was running too rich, which hampered power and torque figures. This could be attributed to Malaysia’s weather conditions. Because this was the first time an ARMA kit was installed in Malaysia, we suspect that the ECU had not been calibrated properly to suit our humid weather. In fact, it was running so rich that Mr. Chen even disabled the three extra 280cc injectors. Despite disabling the three injectors, the car was still running a little too rich for Mr. Chen’s liking.

Then one of Vision Auto’s technicians suggested refitting a TOM’s fuel map controller which was installed on the car before the supercharger kit went in, to lean out the fuel mixture even more. Thanks to the TOM’s fuel map controller, Mr. Chen was finally able to break the 200PS mark, with a final power figure of 205.68PS and 23.40 kg/m of torque.

ARMA also manufacture other performance parts, such as brake kits, exhaust systems and gauges. Currently, there is no official distributor for ARMA performance products in Malaysia, so if you would like to find out more about ARMA performance products, please head over to

ARMA Supercharger Kit

Before 157.19PS
After 205.68PS
Gain +48.49PS

Before 19.38kg/m
After 23.40kg/m
Gain +4.02kg/m


Dyno tuning facilities – Vision Auto – 03-5638 6333

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