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Young & Sultry Oriental Beauty

A vibrant and energetic twenty year old, Qiqi Lee has everything to look forward to in life; young and beautiful (two highly enviable traits these ...
// February 19, 2019


The perpetually active local motor racing scene has stagnated, they say. And ‘they’ reasoned, being the hub of said scene, the impending absence of that ...
// February 18, 2019

VW Breaks Ground in Sabah

Sabahans rejoice! VW’s first authorized dealership in Sabah, the Volkswagen Kota Bumi 3S centre was launched earlier this week. Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) and ...
// February 18, 2019

VW Opens it’s Doors and Ushers in 2019

Volkswagen Passengers Cars Malaysia spreads prosperity this 2019 Chinese New Year by having a CNY open house at all authorised VW dealers. Mark your calendars, ...
// February 12, 2019

Wild and Untamed Baby Bull

The timeless coexistence of heart-achingly beautiful form seamlessly coalescing with state-of-the-art performance-primed function; the (rest of the) world remained ever more so in awe of ...
// January 30, 2019