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Top 10 Things We Can Mod For The All New Myvi

Given that the Myvi is a car that does not focus on handling and performance, it took the us by surprise over a decade ago, when the little city car turned out to be an ideal, and also inexpensive, platform for modifications. Having an immense popularity among those in the modifying culture, it would be unwise to not expect aftermarket parts, be it cosmetic or performance orientated, to be produced and selling fast within the coming 12 months. So here is list of the top ten things we can modify for the 3rd Generation Myvi.

  1. Lowering Springs / Coilovers
*pic from Kakimotor

Lowering or “dropping” the car has become something of a must do in todays car scene. For those with a keen mind on improving the Myvi’s handling, aftermarket coilovers would be the way to go. By replacing the stock suspension to adjustable performance coilovers, you enjoy a more planted and confident feeling when driven on the edge thanks to the lower centre of gravity and performance absorbers working their magic. If you’re only looking to sharpen the stance of your car, then a simple set of lowering springs would do the job perfectly.

  1. Chassis Strut Bars

Without any strut bars to hold particular points of the chassis in place, the average Myvi driver will feel body roll during cornering and when executing sharp manoeuvres. Installing strategic combination of chassis strut bars will greatly reduce said body roll,  providing better stability and safety to the occupants.

  1. Brakes

While you are busy upgrading the handling characteristics of your car, pay attention to what makes you stop your brand spanking new Myvi. Upgrading to stronger compound brake pads that have a better bite and withstand higher temperatures will suffice. If the budget allows, throw in a set of steel braided brake lines to increase reliability during braking under pressure. For those greedy for more, there are multiple aftermarket companies out there providing performance brake systems from street to track use.

  1. Air Filter

Naturally Aspirated cars such as the Myvi thrive when the engine gets a larger and less restricted supply of air. Aftermarket air filters provide just that with high quality materials used to filter out the dirt but also allow more air into the intake system. The acoustic by-product of an air filter mod is an increase in induction noise while the driver enjoys horsepower gains and an increase in throttle response.

  1. Exhaust System

The key to unlocking better response and a hint of naughtiness from your Myvi is by installing a performance exhaust system. Enlarging the exhaust pipes and extractor to an ideal performance setup will allow the engine to expel its gasses more effectively thus increasing the engine output and a fruity little burble from the back.

  1. ECU Tune

When modifying your car, do not neglect the brain. The trick is to complete a certain combination of hardware modifications, such as intake and exhaust, and then tune the ecu to run based on the new setup. Majority of the time, ECU Tuning helps to fine tune the air fuel ratio going into the engine to unleash the maximum amount of horsepower it can chuck out. ECU Tuning also unlocks factory settings such as speed limiters and rev cuts.

  1. Tinted Head and Tail Lamps

The more aggressive styling nature of the 3rd Gen Myvi can be further enhanced by the relatively simple mod of tinting the head and tail lamps to a darker shade.  Not only are you increasing the car’s road presence but also allowing you to stand out in the crowded world of being a Myvi owner.

  1. Rims and Tyres

Rims are more of a statement for your vehicle than anything else. Perodua have already done a splendid job on making their latest car look elegant yet sporty. Select a rim preferably only one size up from stock and styling that suits the body best for a stunning end-result. Tyres come in for the drivers own safety. We cannot stress enough how important it is to have a good set of tyres with the right dimension on at all times.

  1. Sound Proofing

This is a mod for those who dread long journeys due to the tyre roar and the noise from the wind rushing around the car. There are many accessory shops out there who provide sound proofing services. The process also includes removing the floor carpeting to insert thicker sound proof materials to get the job done.

  1. Custom Design Sticker Wrap

The final mod on the list is one that has just recently taken the world by storm. The ability to completely transform the colour of your car or giving it a distinctive vinyl wrap of your own liking. What better way to make your Myvi stand out among the thousands out there by adding your own personal touch to it. Professionals designers and wrap specialists can design and apply it to your vehicle within a maximum of 2 days. You will never lose your car in a crowded car park with a custom sticker wrap.


So that is our top 10 mods for the all new 2018 Perodua Myvi. Be sure to survey wisely and consult professionals before proceeding with any modifications. Do take note that modifying a brand new car runs the risk of voiding its warranty all together.

P/S: All images are purely for illustration purpose only