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The MYVI GT is the Myvi We Need

Thank the heavens! Perodua has looked at the aftermarket scene and seen how whacky and diverse Myvi owners modify their cars, so they’ve had a go themselves. We give you, the Myvi GT. It is a concept for now and we suspect it was made as a crowd stopper just for the KLIMS 2018 going on this week but we are taking quite a bit of interest to it.

Sporty city runabouts will always have a charm on the market because of the affordable price and equally affordable aftermarket parts. All Myvi owners will without a doubt agree to that and just because we seek affordable cars, does not mean we have to live with mundane styling and practical (but slow) performance.

The Myvi GT addresses this by going taking the typical senior citizen friendly styling and throwing it out the window. The front end now holds a gaping bumper with built-in LED daylights. The front bumper is designed to allow maximum air intake while providing the intended aggressive styling. The same aggressive nature is seen from the side profile as you take in the side skirts, boot spoiler, and the stunning 17″ alloys. The sporty rims are wrapped in equally sporty Bridgestone Potenza RE003 rubber.

Stopping power is taken over by Brembo which look pretty good against the gunmetal grey of the rims. Round the back, the exhaust tip count has doubled and there is now 2 tips on either side. They aren’t connected to the actual exhaust system (like most cars today) but it does look good. Throw in a cosmetic rear diffuser and voila, a neat back end.

The interior is pampered with Alcantara and a VW-esque carbon flat-bottom steering wheel. In all honesty, the interior is extremely lively and attractive. It caters to the inner tuner that lives within us. With the subtle red accents all around the car, figure-hugging bucket seats and the even the sunroof, the Myvi GT oozes character.

It kills us to know that this is just a concept car but we implore Perodua to make THIS MYVI GT!