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Team Hybrid – one major player at this year’s SEMA

Team Hybrid was founded on January 7, 1995 in Oxnard, CA by Founder/President, James Lin. This legendary team continues to be the most consistent and most successful winning team in Import history going on 23 years and counting. Not only is the team stronger than ever but Team Hybrid wants an efficient organization that sets its own standards and qualifications for all others to follow.

The ideal is to create a team that would comprise itself with the diversely of a hard-working/trusting members instilled with their most cherished and most honorable values, respect, passion and especially, an individuality to every car aka Hybrid Quality. This team is not just another car club or crew but a special family and friends consisting itself in a team ideology. Anyone can gather a group of friends or people to give it a title to start a team but Team Hybrid has become the most consistent well-rounded and best overall team in Import history.

Majority of the major accolades were not only won by Team Hybrid first but consecutively won at the highest level year after year after year setting the benchmark for all current and future teams to strive for. Today is no different as the team continues to win majority of all the major team titles. Throughout the existence of Team Hybrid, the organization has one over 4000+ trophies and awards. Team Hybrid cars have been featured in various magazines/DVDs throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Japan and Europe.

Team Hybrid vehicles not only attend all the major car shows but also consumer and industry trade shows such as LA Auto Show, CES, Motor Trend Auto Show and SEMA as well as toured with major OEM manufactures like Toyota throughout the US. At the shows, Team Hybrid represents itself and its sponsors in the most professional manner. Not only do Team Hybrid vehicles physically represent in the United States, Team Hybrid vehicles have also been shipped to foreign nations to attend sponsor races as pace cars.

Putting it simply, the tradition of Team Hybrid has been blessed throughout the years will continue to grow and prosper. Their team model and philosophy has truly been the most original and one of a kind. Not only is it measured by their success but by the various import teams out there modeling themselves after Team Hybrid or ask them for guidance in their organization. Undoubtedly Team Hybrid has their own way of managing the scene, they will never be like “X” crew or “Y” team.

We’ll leave the final few words to the big man of Team Hybrid himself James Lin:
“Our members believe in the tradition our founder/president and the other co-leaders (Wayne Chen, Michael Lin, Scott Dean, Archie Concon, Sergio Guevara, Armando Rodriguez, Michael Schembari, Albie Sanchez, Vivek Patel, and Brian Bennett) have envisioned. We have our ups and downs like any other team but because we truly believe in ourselves along with the presidents ever lasting faith and our team, we stay true to our game. This team has become a second family to all of us now and we will grow together not only in the import seen but in life as well. Lastly we must give Hybrid Luv to our industry partners BFGoodrich, Meguiar’s, AMSOIL, Mishimoto, K&N Filters, AEM Intakes, NRG Innovations and Whiteline.

For SEMA 2017, we had 4 Chapters (SoCal, SD, LV & AZ) out of 7 Chapters combined forces like Voltron to be booth vehicles, many of our vehicles competed in SEMA Battle of the Builders, 15th Annual GT Awards and/or feature vehicles as we consistently continue to be the import team to bring the most quality and quantity (7 features, 2 booth cars, 1 bike in a booth) to SEMA for a “nth” year in a row.”

Hybrid Luv from James Lin

Photos: Jhay ar Del Castillo