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Swifter Day Out Malaysia 2K17


With solid backing from a number of organizations the owners of the spunky Suzuki Swift from all around the country had gathered for the Swifter Day Out Malaysia 2017 at the panoramic vista of Genting Highlands. The large gathering of Swifts both new and old in just about every kinds of personalization saw nearly 200 of them ascending the winding roads up Genting in the spirit of camaraderie and togetherness.

The Swifts present at the ‘Swifter Day Out Malaysia 2017’ came from all over the Peninsular from down south Johor all the way up north from Perlis. However spare a thought for the many Swift owners from the East Coast – from Kelantan and Terengganu which could not attend the gathering due to the massive flood befalling their hometowns. Our hearts and minds are with them.

The Singaporean Swifters had also made the trip with quite a number of them bringing along their modified Swifts to join their Malaysian counterparts. The gathering’s scheduled activities went ahead without a cinch, despite the rather cold weather in the highlands of Genting during the weekend, made even more so with the occasional drizzles and ‘swift’ winds.

We at Shift and Hypertune congratulate the organizers of the Swifter Day Out Malaysia 2017.