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It’s Tyre Wars and Falkens Got A Weapon!

Falken Tyres and their official Malaysian distributor, Stamford Tyres, launched the Azenis FK510 in Malaysia this month. Those unfamiliar with the code names, Falkens Azenis line up represents their Ultra High Performance (UHP) tyres made specifically for individuals who seek high levels of performance and refinement. Since the FK453, the outgoing UHP model, is getting on 4 years old now, it was about time Falken ‘upped the ante’ with the FK510. It was about time too with the battle for preferred tyre company in the market is getting extremely heated.

Although the FK510 was only launched for the Malaysian market this month, it was already on sale and hitting the streets of Europe in 2017 and it has wasted no time in garnering positive responses and even awards. Germany’s Auto Bild gave it a 2nd place and it has been reported to be in the top 5 in multiple independent tyre tests. Theoretically it comes as no surprise when you study the facts. The FK510 has been in development for at least 3 years and in that time, the engineers back in Sumitomo Rubber Asia Tyre have gathered data from their extensive motorsport achievements and instilled that performance DNA into it. Falkens stand out quality is to not sacrifice comfort and refinement in the pursuit of performance so the design of the FK510 is built using the NEO-T01 manufacturing technology. This NEO-T01 technology is used specifically in the manufacturing of Falken UHP tyres and it allows their tyres to be made with an uniquely high level of circularity which in turn greatly improves high speed stability, efficiency, tyre roar and lowers the weight of the final product. So you could imagine our anticipation to have a crack at it.

Test drive day! A chance to experience the FK510’s behaviour in various scenarios and in this instance, against a competitor. Falken had done their research and had set a competitor tyre as their main rival given its immense popularity right now among buyers with a hunger for adrenaline. The test drive was split into two sections, a brief road test and a closed course slalom combined with a wet condition brake test. Each test was conducted in 3 parts, first with the outgoing FK453 tyres, secondly with a competitor’s tyre and finally with the flagship Falken FK510.

The road test clearly outlined the FK510’s sheer quietness on the road. The tyre roar was insignificant as was the comfort, though that last point had to be handed down to the Honda Accords provided. Despite the aesthetic outlook of the tyres with those wide shoulder blocks, at high speeds, the tyre does bite down onto the tarmac. A full on track test would help verify that further but we conclude that it has serious potential. As for the closed course slalom test, the FK510 did not disappoint but it did not provide the confidence other harder compound tyres do under such stress situations. By contrast, when it comes to wet weather performance, the FK510 is in a class of one. Thanks to the new Switchback Siping design thread that maximises contact patch in wet conditions and circumferential grooves, pulling to a halt in a short distance and without any unpredictability was easy. It certainly is a selling point. Tyre longevity is tough to predict but the 4D nano design technology used does improve thread flexibility that has been proven to prolong tyre wear.

Malaysians will be able to purchase the Falken Azenis FK510 tyres at any authorised Falken dealers and distributors nationwide. Ranging between 17 and 22 inch wheels, a total of 86 sizes, for passenger cars, the Falken Azenis FK510 range is available as of now while SUV specific tyres and run-flats will be available in 2019. CEO of Stamford Tyres Malaysia Mr Cham Soon Kian has assured us that uncommon sizes will be available upon order.

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