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Young & Playful

This lovely young lady who is a sprightly 25 years young grew up in the City of San Fernando Pampang – hailed as the Christmas Capital of Philippines. According to her cheekily narrated dossier CJ Young is the second youngest of four siblings, whom we can all imagine with absolute glee to be as beautiful as CJ (as long as they’re females of course).

She went on to tell us a bit more of herself, and I quote “I’m an easy going person, affable and I dig good positive vibes.” Such sweetness and yet she continued, “I can be as sweet as candy but I can also be quite a bi-atch to those who tries to get under my skin.” So to those of you with a slightly ungentlemanly disposition, who mightn’t try one move too many, you have been warned.

Ok, now that we’ve got that bit outa the way, let’s move along shall we? CJ mentioned that being a professional model had been a lifelong passion, though she’s also pretty talented as a singer and a dancer as well. She’s also taken up Hotel & Restaurant Management Course before she took up modeling. And when asked about her long term plans once she’s done with modeling, she made it clear that she wants to become a successful businesswoman, probably venturing into clothing or the spa business. Something tells me she’s the type that can do whatever she puts her mind into.

She loves hanging out with her friends, watch movies and go shopping (pretty much the conventional pastimes for the ladies these days ennit?). She lists Korean, Japanese and Thai cuisines as her top three choices of favorite foods, and then playfully added she’d prefer to eat rather than cook mind you.

And to entice you guys a bit more there’s this one last trivial consideration – she’s unattached

CJ Young

June 30, 1989

City of San Fernando Pampanga, Philippines

Vital Stats: