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Part of Hypertune’s appeal is of course the lovely babes and we owe the success of the magazine to their contribution. To get your blood pumping, we’ve selected and compiled the top 10 Hyperbabes of 2013 who have graced the pages of our magazine.


#10 Li Ya Na – Vol 139
Those long legs leading up to a tight firm body, back arched, and a nice cute pair of teeth; Li Ya Na has all the right stuff!

#9 Laura – Vol 141/143
Laura is a prime example of exotic beauty, and we know that our readers love tanned skin models as much as we do.

#8 Cassie Yong – Vol 136
Described as “blessed with the looks of an angel and the body of a devil”, and with those long endless legs and bedroom eyes, how can we say no?

#7 QiQi – Vol 139
Everything about QiQi screams oriental beauty, from her name to her looks to that dress wrapped around her stunning body.

#6 Diana Panda – Vol 142
Diana has a sweet innocent look like the girl next door who grew up with you, but don’t be fooled. She’s a wolf in panda’s clothing.

#5 Moon Tho – Vol 135
Without a doubt Moon can turn heads with her gorgeous looks in both her party dress and her geeky style, but ultimately it is her sweet natural smile that we love the most

#4 Ramona – Vol 140
Ramona has all the right assets from a model; a hot body, a sweet face, a beautiful smile, and a playful nature. She could look right at you and your mind would go bluh

#3 Stilly – Vol 134
If sexy Stilly doesn’t make your heart giddy and give you a stiffy, then slap yourself silly.

#2 Mack Huei Yee – Vol 139
Mack has a sexy dynamite appeal, and her passionate craving for chocolate certainly reflects her sweet demeanor

#1 DJ Tenashar – Vol 141
By unanimous choice it is the drop dead gorgeous DJ Tenashar who has won our hearts over with her sexy looks and phat beats.

Fancy what you see here? Who did you think should be in the top 10 list? Please share with us your own top 10 list in the comments section.

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