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It certainly riles up the natural inclination to ‘want to know more’ doesn’t it? Never mind that old saying about something concerning the cat and its need to satisfy its curiosity or what have you, with our perfunctory tendency to seek answers for all things that intrigues us, we’d soon be bombarding the world wide web with keywords such as ‘Brunei’, or ‘babes from Brunei’ or ‘what’s going on in Brunei’ or something of the sort.

Alas, as the masterful GT-R with the massive presence & massive potency gracing our cover had attested to, there’s quite a bit of goings-on in that rather tiny oil-rich sovereign squeezed snugly between the two Eastern Malaysia states of Sabah and Sarawak. The multiple simultaneous attacks upon the speed hungry senses notwithstanding, there are yet other finer, richly rewarding facet to life thriving in Brunei then and now. And Karen Then right here embodies the aforementioned statement to visual perfection.

As we tried to persuade her into conceding that she is a model and that she possess model material through and through, Karen kept stating and reinstating that “She is not a model”, and repeated the notion again somewhat more forcefully “again, I am NOT a model” before she went on “Are you f^*king kidding me?” and took off leaving a trail of her sensual scent lingering in the room.

Yeah well, the bit on the profanity was us kidding you but in any case, it was obvious that as hot as she is Karen never ever consider herself a model, preferring to make them up instead. Yes people this hottie from Brunei is a full time professional makeup artist (

Okay feel free to go about perusing that very page alright fellas? There’s like quite a bit of insights and details correlating the one the only Karen Then who hails from Brunei, and has been living in Brunei all her life. Some fun facts about her: She likes the Evoque from Land Rover; her idea of a perfect weekend of relaxation is spending ‘a day at the beach’, she is attached to, wait for it guys, her career, and a guy needs to be ‘a gentleman, respectful, intelligence, hardworking, family oriented’ to stand any chance of wooing her.

*Photos provided by model