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The non-clubbing babe

The pretty lass with the rather fancy sounding name is Brenda, with that knockout smile – not too much and not in any way too little. It’s that thing pretty girls do when they’re somewhere between smiling and frowning, between happy and sad.

But in any case, you’d better be taking her seriously, I mean Brenda was sorta indifferent when we asked her ‘what’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done’ and all – that sure did dampened the mood somewhat. But enough about the less than sunny side, for now let us celebrate the manifestation of pure unbridled beauty that emanates from the girl who has somehow managed to outshined a screaming red FN2 by just being there. Who has stopped the hyper crew cold in their tracks when she arrived. Who has got me rearranging the icons on my computer so as to make things appear tidy. Who has…

Who has turned me into a ranting lunatic going on about who has this and who has that. It’d be better if we devote our collective attention to the matter (as in flesh and blood) at hand – Brenda Teyew. She’s always been a KL girl and she’s currently into her third year of degree majoring in banking and finance at Sunway’s Victoria University. How exactly did she start modeling? Well according to her “I joined Mirrors Ambassador Search back in 2011 to try my luck and that was where I was brought into the freelance modeling pathway”.

Brenda Teyew

She’s well and truly unavailable and her guy is someone ‘who’s independent and a person who’s respectful to my family makes twice the charm’. Another interesting thing about Brenda is that she does not like loud music and being in a big crowd – two reasons why she’s not into the clubbing scene.

Name: Brenda Teyew Jia Xing
DOB: 21.09.1993
Age: 22
Height: 167
Weight: 48
Vital stats: 34B, 25, 32
Place of birth: Kuantan, Pahang