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So full of Grace

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Growing up in the Hawaiian island of Oahu, you could almost tell how she got her almost perfect goldentanned complexion. Currently with driving sideways and designing dresses complimenting her primary forte in modeling, Melyssa Grace started off competing in beauty pageants in the U.S before it springboarded her into the world of modeling.

Citing herself as long, curvy and exciting, Melyssa prefers the quiet and calmlife while also spending time with her three dogs for long walks at the park when she’s not posing for the cameras. Music is another form of indulgence for this leggy beauty with country love songs being the genre of her choice. Practising Bikram yoga also helps her unwind from the hustle and bustle of her work ventures.

As modeling accounts for most of her time, Melyssa also indulges in a bit of drifting in her S13 Silvia and her BMW M3 which she claims to be her undercover drift car and a little street racing on the freeway to take the edge off work. Hungry for performance, she also enjoys the bellow of the V10 engine in her Audi R8 every time she slams the throttle. Being a vegetarian, she enjoys spicy food with curry being one of her favourites.

Disliking the mean and the judgmental, Melyssa adores men with strong and honest character, one that treats her with unconditional love and respect. With a great sense of humour, Melyssa quoted
gas money as one of the 3 things she can’t live without besides her husband and her mascara. With the future looking ever so bright for her, Melyssa plans to dwell into the world of fashion design as she develops her own clothing line which due to be launched next year. We wish her all the best!

Name: Melyssa Grace
DOB: 6thMay
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 125 pounds
Vital stats: 36-25-36
Place of birth: Oakland, California

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