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Right on Qiu

Pretty Teng Qiu Wen is currently furthering her studies at Help University and although she has that knee-weakening gaze, that disarming stare that could get even the unfazed-able London guards at Kensington Palace (or whatever the correct job description at whatchamacallit palace where the British royalty feels most like royalties) to waver, maybe not by much but certainly a tiny little darting of their eyes or something of the sort, her candor and her casual sincerity sort of balance her persona to the good.

Like for instance her answers for our “What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done?” and the ever-popular “most embarrassing moment” she’d barely flinched when she answered that she made fun of her less than appealing (a polite way to say ugly) selfies slash sensuous poses slash portrait photos; and how embarrassed she felt when she “take my lecturer photo in secret and forgot to close the flash”. Her partially self-deprecating gesture at her admission of guilt tells you that this girl has got loads of character, and a kind heart.

Add all these good humane qualities into a girl who has TengQiuWen’s amazing physical features and she can simply just pick and choose her beau, although not just yet it seems as she coolly said she’s ‘still unattached’.

Budding suitors need to be mature and good looking, with the willingness for a UFC type physical confrontation to win her over, since there’s gonna be what’d be best termed as ‘competition’.

Name: Teng Qiu Wen
DOB: 14.10.1996
Height: 165cm
Weight: 45kg
Vital stats: 32C 24 34
Place of birth: JB

Photos: Kenny Yeoh

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笑得见牙不见眼😄 ·

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