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Lucky us to have lovely Linda

Linda’s one of the few gems we’ve gotten to know from our southern neighbours across the Causeway and she’s one girl who’s way to her heart is definitely through her stomach.

The self-confessed foodie readily admits that the best way to seek her forgiveness after somebody has upset her is by bribing her with food, and she loves almost all kinds of food so it won’t be too hard finding a dish that’ll turn her frown upside down.

She’s not very picky about the places she hangs out at and is game to try any new place as long as it’s with her friends. Given the chance though, Linda would love to hop over to Johor Bahru every night for supper, singling out the mouth-watering loklok to fill her tummy and she wouldn’t mind the famous Hokkien mee from Penang either.

Spicy food is another of her fovourites and naturally Thai dishes like tom yum and phad Thai rank high on that list. For dessert, she prefers something cold like frozen yogurt and will happily munch down an entire large cup by herself.

Linda loves the feeling of the wind blowing through her lovely locks and therefore a motorcycle tops a car for her any given day but if she were to a car, it would be a BMW 3 Series, convertible of course.

Date of Birth: June 24 1990
Working as: Graphic Designer
Hobbies: Eating and Singing


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