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Head over heels for Jeri

So you might have noticed this red four-door sedan that was getting in the way of our feature on the delectable Jeri Lee. To be honest, we actually pave our way through life as a modified car magazine but with an opportunity to have a shoot with import model Jeri, we had to find somebody to trick into supposedly featuring his ride just so we could score some time with Miss Lee. To be fair, we don’t think he got the short end of the stick as well considering his car made it onto the cover.

Aside from her undeniable presence, Jeri was by far the nicest model we’ve ever had the pleasure of crossing careers with. Owing her finger-licking good exotic looks to a mix of Mexican and Filipino blood, Jeri is the current Miss M7 USA and was down recently as a guest judge for the Miss Hypertune 2012/2013 finals.

Her career as an import model has led to shoots with some very interesting themes but at the end of the day, she just loves being in front of the camera and is always up for a surprise in terms of a photo shoot.

Blessed with looks like that does often lead to some overzealous men coming on too strong, especially at events that she makes an appearance at. How does she deal with it? With a strong and fierce stare. She demands respect in approaching her, be it from a man or woman.

Her Filipino blood means that she loves to eat and her time spent here in Malaysia was not wasted as she dug into as many local delicacies as she could, including goreng pisang and nasi lemak.

Jeri oozes humility and is extremely approachable, as long as you do it respectfully and nicely. She doesn’t let the fame get to her head and is grateful for the opportunities she gets to travel the world and do things that most people can never do in their lifetime. She is also blessed with supportive family and friends as well as her boyfriend that she met at a mutual friend’s wedding and made the first move a few years ago. So onto the next girl folks because this one is happily spoken for.

Right now Jeri is very much into cooking and loves being in the kitchen. She doesn’t claim to be the next top chef but loves cooking for her family, boyfriend and friends.

On the hard-earned advice that she would love to share with her fans, based on her experiences in life, Jeri had this to say, “Be humble and thankful for the things you have and do in life. And always remember to smile. And it is okay to cry sometimes.”

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