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Encaptivating Emma

Growing up, its highly likely we all had that one gorgeous, cute or sexy neighbor that fueled our testosterone-charged fantasies about girls. You know, she had the face of an angel and the body of a devil. Peeking out the window from behind the curtains to catch that glimpse of her walking out the door or lingering around in your yard that extra moment hoping she will come strolling along on her walk.

Well this here is the epitome of that girl next door, the naughtiest and sexiest one yet to grace our pages. Meet Emma Juwita, the girl that you couldn’t even conjure up in your vivid imagination. Emma is a native of our neighbours across the Straits of Malacca but was here recently and we managed to snag a shoot with her for the cover.

She is a professional model based in Jakarta and is currently contractually obligated to a lad’s magazine in Indonesia, having won a pageant with them last year, signaling her arrival in the modeling scene and ensuring you won’t be forgetting her face and figure soon.

Emma describes herself as an easygoing girl that likes to stay low profile and off the radar. However, she does know that her mixed parentage has blessed her with attractive features and she knows how to use that to make a career in modeling.

If there were three things she could not live without, it would be here make-up, handphone and heels. Although towering above us mere mortals at 170cm, Emma loves her heels and will slap them on any chance she gets.

Being based in Jakarta, it is understandable that her pet peeves include traffic congestion as the daily traffic in Jakarta could make even the worse days here seem like nothing more than an inconvenience rather than a mood-breaker.

Before you book that one-way ticket to Jakarta in an attempt to win her over and be the man she never knew she wanted, it is best to know her idea of a perfect guy. The criteria include being interesting, loyal and tall.

Even if you do fit the bill, the vacancy has already been filled and Emma loves nothing more than spending quality time with her boyfriend over the weekend, including getting up to some steamy action, having described the naughtiest thing she has ever done as making love with her boyfriend in the pool.

She is not shy of her embarrassing moments as well, recalling her most embarrassing one as slipping as she walked down the runway of a modeling show. However, she did pick herself up and walk on like the professional model that she is.

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