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Catchy Cathrine

You might be tempted to do a double take but our gallery model for this issue, the lovely Cathrine, isn’t the same person cavorting with the blood red Mitsubishi Evo X featured in this issue as well, that would be her identical twin sister Leovine. Yes, you may take a moment to calm yourself down and wipe out all the dirty thoughts you’re conjuring up in your demented little head.

Cathrine is currently a fulltime freelance model but she is also completing her studies, albeit part-time, in a marketing communications degree. Given the opportunity, the 21-year old loves nothing than to watch a movie from the comfort of her bed.

If she had to choose three things that she couldn’t live without, the down-to-earth lass says it will be her family, friends and fashion in that order. Her pet peeves include liars and people that are unfaithful so guys, you’ve been warned. She has set the standards pretty high too for potential suitors as the three words she selected to describe her ideal guy was ‘nobody is perfect.’

Every angel has a mischievous streak and Cathrine’s side is just as interesting. The naughtiest thing she has ever done was to go on a whole-day shopping spree and then sneak back into the house so her mother wouldn’t find out how much she had spent.

As close to perfect as she looks, Cathrine has had her fair share of red-faced moments, with the most memorable being the time she flew out of her five-inch heels while walking on the street simple because her heels were one size too big for her dainty feet.

Here’s to hoping we get to see more of Cathrine in the future, perhaps accompanied by her sister as well.

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