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Blurred Lines

Self described as “not complicated but not a simple person either”. This beauty has the looks of an angel and the body of an exotic porcelain vase. An intriguing tagline like that does make one curious, is there more to Julinda Ooi than her stunning looks? Let’s find out.

Initially a very shy person during her university years, she made a complete turnaround once she ventured into the world of modelling. Currently a postgraduate at the University of Malaya, this adventurous, open-minded girl is all about exploring the world and taking into the cultures; literature, poetry, and music. To go with her healthy mind she keeps her body fit as a fiddle, and amongst the vigorous activities she enjoys includes running and hiking.

One of her many talents is that she is Incredibly skilled, orally. We are of course referring to her fluency in multiple languages, which includes Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Korean. Her proficiency in speaking has even landed her opportunities to emcee, so if the modelling side doesn’t work out she has something else to gobble on.

Julinda shies away from getting too serious in relationships, and will probably continue to do so until the right catch comes along. An old-fashioned lover, she has her eye on the kind of man who is courageous and explores life wholeheartedly. Status and a big fat bank account wouldn’t impress her much, but someone who does a little bit of charity definitely will!

Name: Julinda Ooi
DOB: 2 October 1986
Height: 163cm
Weight: 45kg
Vital stats: 33-25-35
Place of birth: Ipoh

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