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Beautiful Monster

She might get her distinct looks from her Taiwanese parents but the cute Monique Chia is born and bred Malaysian, growing up in Sepang town as a tanned teen with short hair before moving to the city. With her parent hailing from Taiwan, she still religiously travels there every year.

Monique got into modelling through friends in the line and it just continued on from there. Modelling proved to be enjoyable and gave her more experience, allowing her to meet people from all walks of life apart from providing some additional income to her previous job as a kindergarten teacher.

Describing herself as shy, she loves singing and particularly prefers lounge jazzy music. She even writes lyrics and occasionally DJs for friends’ parties. As for her more of transport, she hopes to own a Nissan Fairlady soon although the lass prefers being driven around.

As for the future, she has already started implementing her business plan although it remains under wraps for now. You’ll probably find her partying over the weekends but if you’re thinking of making a move, she’s already spoken for boys.

D.O.B: 19th November 1985
Height: 162cm
Weight: 43kg
Vital Stats: 33-25-33
Place of Birth: Sepang, Negeri Sembilan


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