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For us the interesting but refreshing interview we had with Angel Chiew was surreal in its own right. All the ‘key elements’ are in the right places, I mean she is hot no question about it, and the casual banter we had prior to us recording the session with our voice recorder tells us how delightful a disposition Angel has. Nah the surreal bit referred to her ‘short & sweet’ reply to all our queries.

Really, we just had to put most of the interview excerpts here verbatim right here:

Where did you grow up and tell us a little about yourself?

What are you doing currently?
Event freelance

How did you start modeling, what sprung your interest?
Because of my height

What were you doing before you got into modeling?

Have you won any awards or pageants?

What are your plans after modeling or is this a long term plan for you?
Temporary no

Can you cook, what are your favorite dishes?

Being a car magazine we have to ask this, do you like cars and what car do you drive?
I don’t drive

Do you have any other talents aside from modeling?

What’s your idea of a perfect weekend of relaxation?

Cuddle with my dog

Are you an all-out party at the club or casual chill out with friends type of person?

Are you attached?

What qualities in a guy attract you?
Charming & nice smile

Creatively describe yourself in 3 words.
Independent positive responsible

Name 3 things you cannot live without.
My dog, my parents & of course Money

What do you absolutely HATE?
Rainy day

It was over in a breeze and all that we’re left with was the lingering scent of her perfume Chanel No 5.0 or something.

Name: Angel Chiew
D.O.B: 06.01.1994
Height: 175cm, Weight: 47kg; Vital stats: 34B 25 35
Place of birth: Kuala Lumpur