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Winding Roads, Wandering Minds

Picture a long sweeping route through the mountains with some of the best corners and the smoothest ribbon of tarmac you’ve ever witnessed. Imagine the road as it snakes ahead of you through the mountain passes while the background is draped by lovely pine trees, clear blue skies and the odd puff of white cloud. Such a glorious road truly deserves an equally glorious car to be driven on it. The question is: What form of automotive and engineering excellence would you pick?

Would it be a well tuned, lightweight and overpowered hatchback? Perhaps a barebones, bare essentials sports car like a Caterham 7? Or maybe something more exotic and expensive, like a hardcore, track-focused piece of engineering brilliance, like the Porsche 911 GT3RS perhaps? Whatever your pick, you’d might want to take a look at this Evo X before you make your choice.

Throughout the years, in its many incarnations, the Lancer Evolution has proven itself to be a truly adaptable beast. You’ll find Evos competing in just about every form of motorsport there is. Rallying, circuit racing, time attack, drag racing and even drifting are just some of the motorsport disciplines where you’ll find the Evo roaring towards victory. Surely, such a capable and adaptable machine is worthy of your choice? Still not convinced? Let’s take a look at what’s under the skin of this red Evo X then…

As docile and unassuming as this Evo looks on the outside, the old saying rings true once again, that books should not be judged by their covers, for under this mild looking Evo X resides a 4B11T engine, fitted with HKS parts and massaged by the skilled technicians at Garage R, Singapore to produce a whopping 680bhp!

As is the case with engines that produce big power, the internals on this 4B11T were completely upgraded with tougher components from HKS, including HKS forged pistons, HKS H-beam conrods and a HKS metal head gasket. The fueling system needs to be able to supply the engine with enough fuel to make the 680bhp, so Garage R fitted an HKS in-tank fuel pump, an HKS fuel rail, HKS 1000cc injectors, a SARD fuel regulator and fabricated a custom Garage R anti fuel surge system while spark is provided by a set of HKS Super Fire Racing M45XL spark plugs.

The meat of this engine build is the HKS GT3240 full turbo kit which includes the HKS GT3240 turbocharger, an HKS GT Racing wastegate, and HKS GT downpipe system and full HKS stainless steel piping. The turbo inhales through an HKS Racing Suction Kit Reloaded and has its intake charge cooled down by an HKS R-Type intercooler and aluminium piping kit. Last but not least, a trusty HKS Racing SQV blow off valve takes care of preventing compressor surge and all waste gases are taken care of by a HKS Hi-Power exhaust system.

Cooling the 680bhp power plant requires some serious equipment and cooling equipment doesn’t come more seriously than the finely crafted ARC aluminium radiator which works together with a HKS low temp thermostat, Billion Super Solid Coolant lines and Billion Super Racing coolant. Also helping to keep engine temperatures down is a HKS oil cooler kit which is mounted strategically behind the front bumper.

With all the hardware in place, a new, more capable ECU was needed to run everything properly, so Garage R fitted a HKS F-Con V Pro standalone engine management system, along with all the required air pressure sensors and a HKS 3 bar MAP sensor. Also fitted is a HKS EVC boost controller to control boost levels, as well as a Carbing oil catch tank to trap oil vapors and an HKS Circle Earth System to optimize the flow of electricity throughout the car’s electronic system.

Power arrives at all four wheels through the stock 5-speed manual gearbox which has been toughened up with an HKS LA twin plate clutch. The HKS LA or Light Action clutch has been one of HKS’ most successful clutch kits as it can take lots of abuse while maintaining a light pedal action, making it very popular amongst owners of high powered, street driven machines. For better shift feel, a set of shifter bushings from American tuner, AMS Performance was also fitted to this Evo.

With the powertrain all sorted out, the car’s handling was now the centre of attention. The suspension needed to be a good compromise between handling performance and streetability so HKS’ Hipermax III Sports coilovers were fitted, with 12kg/mm springs on the front and 10kg/mm springs at the rear. Complementing the HKS coilovers and stiffening the chassis’ weak points are Carbing front and rear strut bars made out of aluminium and a Carbing front lower arm bar and center brace bar made out of steel. For better aerodynamics, a Carbing underpanel is also fitted.

With a car that packs 680bhp, you’d need an adequately sized brake kit to cope with the speed. Even the standard Brembos are no match for the wrath of 680 horsies, so an AP Racing brake kit was fitted with 6-piston calipers on the front and 4-piston calipers at the rear. This Evo X’s contact patch with the road has also been significantly increased with fat 18 inch Weds Sport SA67-R wheels bolted to each hub, wrapped in equally fat Yokohama Advan Neova AD07 tyres which measure 265/35R18 in size.

Inside, the interior’s been given a makeover with carbon fibre trimmings and panels. The carbon fibre treatment extends to nearly every part of the car’s interior, even the steering wheel! More functional additions to the interior include the trio of HKS DB RS gauges which display boost pressure, oil temperature and oil pressure, a HKS CAMP2 digital display system and an HKS Type 1 turbo timer.

The exterior has also been given a thorough but subtle makeover with a full C-West bodykit, which includes the front bumper, rear bumper, side skirts and front canards. To shed a few kilos, the bonnet and the trunk lid were also replaced with lighter C-West items made out of fibre reinforced plastic or FRP.

Now take your mind away from this magnificent beast of an Evo for a second. Now picture that perfect stretch of mountain road. Now imagine sitting behind the wheel of this 680bhp beast as you carve your way through the tree lined roads. Cue driving music and fade to black.

Car: CZ4A Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
Engine: 4B11T 2-litre, 4-cylinder, 16-valve, MIVEC, turbocharged
Engine modifications: HKS forged pistons, HKS H-beam conrods, HKS metal head gasket, HKS in-tank fuel pump, HKS fuel rail, HKS 1000cc injectors, SARD fuel regulator, Garage R anti fuel surge system, HKS Super Fire Racing M45XL, HKS GT3240 turbocharger, HKS GT Racing wastegate, HKS GT downpipe system, HKS stainless steel piping, HKS Racing Suction Kit Reloaded, HKS R-Type intercooler and aluminium piping kit, HKS Racing SQV blow off valve, HKS Hi-Power exhaust system
ARC aluminium radiator, HKS low temp thermostat, Billion Super Solid Coolant lines, Billion Super Racing coolant, HKS oil cooler kit, Carbing oil catch tank
Transmission: HKS Light Action twin plate clutch, AMS Performance shifter bushings
Suspension/Chassis: HKS Hipermax III Sports coilover kit, Carbing front strut bar, Carbing rear strut bar, Carbing front lower arm bar, Carbing centre brace, Carbing underpanel
Brakes: AP Racing 6-piston calipers and rotors (front), AP Racing 4-piston calipers and discs (rear)
Wheels & Tyres: 18-inch Weds Sport SA67-R wheels, 265/35R18 Yokohama Advan Neova AD07 tyres
Electronics: HKS F-Con V Pro ECU, HKS CAMP2 digital display system, HKS Type 1 turbo timer, HKS DB RS gauges (boost, oil pressure, oil temperature), HKS EVC boost controller, HKS Circle Earth system
Interior: Carbon fibre trim
Exterior: C-West full bodykit – front bumper, rear bumper, side skirts, front canards, FRP bonnet, FRP trunk
Tuner: Garage R – +65 64539136,

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