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There Will Be Blood

We all would have come across a pair of twins at sometime or rather, perhaps in the neighbourhood you grew up in, at school, maybe even just acquaintances through friends or real best buds you’ve made. Regardless if they were identical or not, personally I’ve always been rather intrigued by twins and have the pleasure of calling a pair my very close friends since the formative years.

It’s hard to explain the slight fascination with twins but I think mine stemmed from how a pair of siblings split from the same gene could end up being so different personality wise, even though I know they’re only supposed to be similar physically and not mentally.

Furthermore, I also think it’s time we guys came clean about that elusive fantasy of a threesome with identical twins, preferably looking like Blake Lively but with different shades of hair colour, just for that pinch of personalization, you know. It could just be me but that identical twins threesome fantasy could be the source of all intrigue related to twins.

Nonetheless, not all twins are blonde, blue-eyed, packing C-cup chest measurements, look like Sasha Grey and want you to do things to them that even porn directors would cringe at. However, the twins we have here just love to be driven hard and rough all the time. They prefer it dirty and scream in delight the faster you go. Sideways or straight-on, they never complain about the positions and offer a ride that no porn star could even come close to. The pleasure at the end of having your way with them, some say priceless is an understatement.

Almost identical exterior-wise, there just a few minor bits that help you differentiate them visually. The rims, side-view mirrors and hood are about it. Both are covered in a menacing shade of blood red with similar J-Blood kits. The similarities don’t stop there though, even under the hood both come packing the same mills with almost identical mods. Some might label it redundant to feature two cars that are carbon copies of each other but if we had Megan Fox twins spread across these pages, you probably wouldn’t have enough tissue paper and hand lotion so let’s get under their skirts and see what makes them tick.

The first one is the rolling on those sexy deep dish Work Meister wheels. Both cars had complete rebuilds to return to such pristine showroom conditions. This car now packs a 4AGE 20V Blacktop engine under its hood, loaded with a host of go-fast bits to sharpen its NA assault.

Before making its way into the car, the engine was stripped for a full rebuild. All the internals were fully balanced for some high revving action and put back in with ACL race bearings and oversized 82mm pistons to finish up the bottom end.

The majority of the work went into the head for improved breathing, crucial in any naturally-aspirated setup. It received a port and polish job before Toda High Power camshafts with 288 degrees and 9.5” lift on the intake side and 272 degrees and 9.5” lift on the exhaust side were slotted in. Toda also supplied the adjustable cam pulleys and valve springs.

A Power Enterprise timing belt kit was put in for reliability. Denso Iridium spark plugs provide that extra spark for an optimum burn, aided by MSD coil plugs and plug cables for consistency. Intake air is channeled to via a custom air intake to be cleaned by a K&N air filter while spent gases make their way out through custom exhaust piping.

Supporting mods include a HKS oil cooler with Earl’s fittings and a Grex oil filter relocater. In the fuel tank, a Walbro pump feeds the fuel rail with a Sard fuel pressure regulator maintaining pressure to prevent lean mixtures. Cooling duties are handled by an aluminium radiator with a Sard cap to keep temperatures down as much as possible.

Governing the engine’s parameters and running is a top-of-the-line standalone Haltech e6x ECU, one of the best money can buy.

Sending power to the rear wheels is the stock five-speed manual transmission with an Exedy clutch plate and cover biting onto an AE111 flywheel to prevent slippage during those full-bore shifts. A Tomei LSD keeps both rear wheels spinning in unison while clutch feel is improved with Pro-RS steel braided clutch lines. Finally, a TRD short shifter keeps throw distance to a minimum in the cockpit, shaving off precious times off the power.

Already a capable handler the AE86, an entirely new dimension was added to the handling by having the whole body spot-welded for rigidity. A custom suspension setup with pillowball mountings was by ACE Suspension was used to just smoothen out the rough edges a little.

Weight is certainly not one of the Hachi’s downsides but a little improvements on the braking department isn’t going to hurt anybody. Front rotors and calipers from a Mazda RX-7 were fitted together with Project Mubrake pads and Spirit steel-braided brake lines.

Filling the four corners are those beautiful Work Meister wheels, measuring 15×8.5 up front and a wider 15×9.5 at the rear. Some hipari was achieved by using 195/50/15 rubbers for the front and slightly wider 205/50/15 at the aft.

As mentioned before, both cars sport complete J-Blood body kits all around. Coupled with the gloss vented carbon fiber hood, it lends the car an aggressive air that lets you know it means business.

Behind the desk, the interior looks like it just rolled off the production line. Bride semi bucket seats take prime space up front while the rear seats and door panels we rewrapped in Bride fabric for that race feel. A Momo Race steering wheel transfer driver inputs to the front wheels while a Momo gear knob is attached to the short shifter for a good grip swapping cogs. Bits and pieces of the dashboard received the carbon fiber vinyl treatment to freshen things up a little.

Moving over to the other half of the terrorizing twins, the Work Equip 01 AE86, you would notice strong similarities under the hood but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

A 4AGE 20V Blacktop powers this car as well. Almost everything is the same as the other AE86 so we’ll just point out the differences between the two under the hood. A Toda High Power timing belt kit is used here instead while the oil is cooled by a GReddy oil cooler. Tomei provides the fuel pressure regulator and Koyorad is the source of the aluminium radiator.

Intake and exhaust mods are bumped up a little here. Apart from a custom intake, an Apex’i Spiral header leads exhaust gases out through the custom exhaust piping mated with a TRD muffler.

On the electronics front, Haltech is once again called upon to provide their best bit of standalone ECU prowess in the form of an e8x.

Cog swapping is done through the five-speed manual transmission but with a host of TRD parts to beef it up. A TRD clutch set is put in place while out back a TRD full-lock LSD prevents one driven wheel from rotating at a different speed from the other. Completing the drivetrain package is a Pro-RS braided clutch line and TRD short shifter.

Handling wise, the owner decided against a spot-welded body. HWL provided the custom suspension and pillowball mountings. Additional fortification for the front comes in the form of a Cusco front strut bar to reduce flex between the front towers.

The stock brakes were retained but a pair of slotted rotors replaced the stock ones up front. Endless brake pads keep bite to a maximum with Pro-RS steel braided hoses again keeping brake feel consistent.

Those Equip 01 rims aren’t as aggressively sized as the Meisters on the other car but for that old school racer look, we can let that small fact slide. Up front the wheels measure 15×7 and the rear gets them in 15×8. Rubbers are sized the same as well but due to the reduced width of the rims, it doesn’t have that much of a hipari look to them.

J-Blood kits the exterior up and the stock hood was ditched for a carbon fiber piece, though this one isn’t vented.

The equally pristine interior gets a TRD Nardi deep dish steering wheel while the driver and passenger park their behinds on some rare TRD semi bucket seats. A Pivot shift lamp sits smack in the middle of the gauge cluster. One thing that separates this car from its twin is the digital gauge cluster is has, always fueling the techno-geek inside us as the tacho lights up before it hits the redline.

Terrorizing as these twins are and as hard pressed you would be to differentiate them, the understated elegance of a well done up AE86 cannot be denied. You find yourself stopping dead in your tracks every single time you see one drive by with its unique 4AGE shrieking at the top of its lungs. Almost three decades after the first ones rolled off the assembly line, it’s good to know that the venerable little hachi is still teaching a new generation of petrol heads the importance of weight distribution and handling.

If you ever get the chance to drive one, make sure you treat it like Shyla Stylez would want you to treat her and make us all proud.

Car: Toyota AE86 (Work Meister)

Engine: 4AGE 20V Blacktop, ACL race bearing, Fully balanced internals, ported & polished head, oversize 82mm piston, Toda High Power Camshaft 288-9.5” lift intake , 272-9.5” lift exhaust , Toda free adjusting cam pulleys, Toda valve springs, Power Enterprise timing belt, Denso Iridium spark plug, HKS oil cooler, Grex oil filter relocater, Earl’s fittings, K&N air filter, Sard fuel pressure regulator, Sard oil catch tank, Sard radiator cap, MSD coil plugs and plug cables, TRD oil cap, Walbro fuel pump, custom air intake, custom exhaust piping and muffler, aluminium radiator

Electronics: Haltech e6x

Transmission: Stock five-speed manual, Tomei LSD, Exedy clutch plate, Exedy clutch cover, AE111 flywheel, Pro-RS steel braided clutch line, TRD short shifter

Chassis & Handling: ACE custom coilovers, ACE pillowball mountings, spotwelded body

Brakes: Mazda RX-7 front calipers and rotors, Project Mu brake pads, Spirit steel braided brake hoses

Wheels: Work Meister 15×8.5 (front) and 15×9.5 (rear), 195/50/15 (front) and 205/50/15 (rear)

Exterior: Complete J-Blood kit, vented carbon fiber hood

Interior: Bride semi-bucket seats, rewrapped interior panels with Bride material, Momo Race steering wheel, Momo gear knob, carbon fiber vinyl trim

Garage: Spirit Motorsport (018-666 0668)

Car: Toyota AE86 (Work Equip 01)

Engine: 4AGE 20V Blacktop, ACL Race bearing, Fully balanced internals, ported & polish head, oversize 82mm piston, Toda High Power Camshaft 272-9.5” lift intake, 272-9.5”lift exhaust, Toda Free Adjusting Cam Pulley, Toda valve springs, Toda High Power timing belt, Denso Iridium spark plug, GReddy oil cooler, Grex oil filter relocate, Earl’s fittings, Tomei fuel pressure regulator, custom oil catch tank, Sard radiator cap, MSD plug cables, TRD oil cap, Walbro fuel pump, custom intake, Apex’i Spiral Header, TRD muffler, custom exhaust piping, Koyorad aluminium radiator

Electronics: Haltech e8x

Transmission: Stock five-speed manual, TRD LSD, TRD clutch plate, TRD clutch cover, TRD flywheel, Pro-RS steel braided clutch line, TRD short shifter

Chassis & Handling: HWL custom suspension with pillowball mountings, Cusco front strut bar

Brakes: Stock brake system, slotted rotors (front), Endless brake pads, Pro-RS steel braided brake hoses

Wheels: Work Equip 01, 15×7 (front) and 15×8 (rear), 195/50/15 (front) and 205/50/15 (rear)

Exterior: Complete J-Blood kit, carbon fiber hood

Interior: TRD Nardi deep dish steering wheel, TRD semi-bucket seats, Pivot shift lamp, digital gauge cluster

Garage: Spirit Motorsport (018-666 0668)

Text: Dinesh
Photos: Kenny Yeoh

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