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Widowmaker Personified

The Le Mans Prototype scene, a spectacular closed wheel closed cockpit racing series every bit as intense every bit as competitive as that ‘other’ ultra glamorous open wheel championship, have seen some extraordinary innovations. Did you know that such basic components of the automobile like headlights, windshield wipers, disc brakes, diesel, and hybrids are all technologies that originated from the LMP’s premier event – the 24 Hours of Le Mans dubbed the biggest race in the world. And right in the thick of things, right at the top of the Le Mans LMP1 pecking order, sits Porsche as, apart from being an automobile innovator of the highest order, the winningest automaker of all time.


Let us continue with the history lesson for a bit yeah? Now for the uninitiated the progenitor of the current LMP1 championship was the WEC (World Endurance Championship) a designation that started in 2012 but before that since 1953 to 1992 it was the WSC (World Sportscar Championship) and within the class there are numerous groups and sub categories such as Group C, Group B, Group 4, and 5 etc. In between 1992 and 2012 the advent of newly introduced classes and regulations, the growing influence of eco-friendly issues, the omnipresent politicking amidst the FIA, helmed by a charming bloke named Bernie (yup that’s the guy) brought quite a number of pretty confusing litany of sub-classes like the GT series, IMSA GT series, FIA GT series.


But be that as it may, Porsche have gone quietly about their business, sticking to racing at its purity. Such legendary Porsche race cars like the 956, 962 – the icons of the Group C heydays, the 917s, 908s – Porsche’s magnificent Sportscar racer in the late 1960s and early 1970s during which the front running WSC cars were FASTER than their Formula One contemporaries. And of course there’s the 911 Carrera, in its RSR guise, with its amazing 1973 Targa Florio victory. Indeed, Porsche’s venerable 911 is unquestionably one of the exalted few cars that presides among the greats, an automobile icon that transcends time, that continuously shifts the performance car goalpost throughout its glorious history.


You see what the 911 does, it made me go all dramatic in my wording, made me become all deep and throaty and all booming bass, master of ceremony slash announcer like, all of a sudden. I’m sure those of you who’re more than a little interested in Germany’s performance car de facto leader would go weak at the knees at the presence of the 911 regardless of what generation it comes from. And the physical effect only becomes stronger the more intense the encounter, meaning presence equals weakened knees, alone time equals puberty fantasy, a morning’s worth of driving the 918 at the Nurburgring equals nirvana.


And so take a moment and imagine what the ‘too cool for school’ guy who owns this striking Porsche Carrera experience on a daily basis. Sure enough the tender loving care he’d splashed upon this Carrera 3.6 model manifests his deep rooted passion for the marque. His considerable investments were chiefly directed at primary aspects of the car which in turn brought about the desired and expected perks. His preference for the paintjob could well mean he’d recall a similarly finished RUF Porsche (another glorious Porsche authority that requires a book of his own) back in the mid 1990s. All of the above consideration, though mere educated guesswork for the most part, simply implied that what the fella experience on a daily basis is pure and utter satisfaction, simple as that.


Okay then we had established the perfunctory origin of the 911’s DNA for the most part, its huge motor racing presence and successes, the owner’s own passion for Porsche, the influence therein to the splendid outcome of his project. Now let us go about our merry way into the car itself alright? Okay the Carrera 3.6 Tiptronic is a 1991 model, granted with considerable mileage yes but undoubtedly a good and solid deal that serves the owner’s objective. Apart from the black 18 inch wheels and the GT2 ‘Widowmaker’ widebody kit and make no mistake about it, it is one fine mother of a wide body kit, with that signature whale tail rear wing, and the burgeoning fenders which prompted a brash of imitators, every other aftermarket upgrades are about going faster.


The main component is of course the 3.8 RS spec stroker kit, combined with race headers, stainless steel exhaust system and given extra brain power via Unichip ECU. These components manifest themselves in a whole new level of performance for the (now) Carrera 3.8 Tiptronic. Now then you saw the big and bold RUF logo atop the windshield upfront and beneath the big spoiler behind? Well, the RUF element comes courtesy of a suspension kit and anti roll bar. This light blue 3.8 Carrera also have Gemballa strut bar and a set of Turbo spec brakes to compliment the aforementioned RUF handling upgrade.


Well that’s pretty much it, oh! There are also a couple of interior additions – Gemballa pedals and seats. It seems pretty clear to me the objective behind this 3.8 Carrera widebody project: more tractable power, with stellar handling to boot, and the epitome of GT2 widebody aggression and presence, all par for the course in a Porsche.

Car: Porsche 911 Carrera 3.6 Tiptronic

Engine: 3600cc Flat-6

Engine Mods: 3.8 RS spec stroker kit, stainless steel exhaust system, race headers, Unichip ECU

Handling: RUF suspension kit, anti-roll bar, Gemballa strut bar

Brakes: 911 Turbo brakes kit

Exterior: GT2 wide-body kit

Wheels & Tires: 18 inch lightweight alloy wheels

Interior: Gemballa pedals, electrically adjustable leather seats