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Wicked Wankel

We’re just about off and running all prepped up to finalize the itsy-bitsy details for this issue’s contents. Of course there’d be some unexpected inclusions and exclusions come the usual closing et al, that’s pretty much par for the course in our line of work. But occasionally, we’d be obliged to include those exclusive few examples of amazing cars that seems to have the innate ability to make us go all gooey and weak at the knees, simply by being purely outrageous. And I do mean outrageous in every sense, every meaning, and every little spinoffs of the word. That utterly wicked 4-wheeled outrageousness is this no-holds-barred graphics-galore, abundantly worked-up TTA FD3S RX-7.


The FD3S is the third and thus far the last in line of RX7s that Mazda has unleashed. Powered by the famed 13B-REW twin-turbo rotary engine, the 280 hp Mazda sports car with the awesome reputation has been the flag-bearer for the ‘non-contemporary’ Wankel power plant during the past decade or so. We are all too aware of the prime advantages of the rotary engine, among others: A far higher power-to-weight ratio than a piston engine, lighter and smaller than a piston engine of equivalent power output, able to reach higher revolutions per minute than a piston engine and many more. Of course when you speak of advantages, there’d always be its counterweight – its polar opposites. I’m referring to its few but crucial disadvantages. However, let us disregard the less-than-favorable fuel consumption and poor emissions in this instant, and celebrate the extensive modifications that this RX-7 went through instead okay?


Well okay then, any of you full-blooded gearheads with a strong penchant for ultra high output forced induction, would be well acquainted with the monstrous Owens Development GT42 kit. As it stands, the figures ‘1200bhp capable’ is enough of a jolt to awaken you from your dreamy stupor. Then there’s a whole host of HKS and FEED (Fujita Engineering) components comprising of FEED turbo manifold, throttle body, Sonic muffler kit; whereas HKS supplied the wastegate (GT 60mm), V-Mount Intercooler kit and its high performance Twin Power ignition system. The extra fuel requirement is catered through a whole host of parts – custom high capacity fuel rail, 1000cc primary and 2250cc secondary injectors, Sard fuel regulator, Walbro 400 fuel pump, with the requisite surge tank et al. The cooling of the tremendously hot innards of the ‘new and improved’ 13B-REW motor is aided by Koyo 3-layer radiator was installed in place of the FD3S’s stock ones, and as for the niggling sealing problems typical of rotary engines, 2mm coated apex seal plus Racing Apex seal spring were used.


With the incredible horsepower at play there’d be no chance in hell the stock RX-7 transmission would remain, well, stock. And so the stock clutch was ditched for Exedy Carbon triple plate, a FEED 2-Way LSD is installed, along with a 4.1 final drive also by FEED. Governing the whole wound-up Wankel power plant is the well acknowledged Apexi Power FC ECU. The final output, as in the horsepower and torque figures weren’t disclosed but it’s a safe bet the aforementioned upwards of, or close to 1000 ponies are pretty much par for the course for this mighty FD3S. Boy, all that power and the gravity-negating lunge as it hurtles forward must be an awesome sight to behold.


But alas, like that ad not too long ago with the drool-worthy hotties reiterated “Power is nothing without control”, as awesome as this RX-7 is accelerating away, it’d be nonsensical should its chassis go on sans upgrades. And as you would expect the good people behind this mighty Mazda is, when all is said and all is done, honorable and responsible enthusiasts and they’d applied their expertise with the utmost respect for the finer sides of tuning. Thus, the chassis upgrades were kept fully intact with a complete list of mods – FEED rear castor bar and toe bar both fully adjustable, and Auto EXE anti roll bar. Then there’s a complete Sachs Race Engineering suspension kit in place of the stock, plus Brembo monoblock front brakes coupled to Endless rotor with FEED brake liner. The rear stoppers remained stock.


Hankook Z221 semi-slicks with Volk Racing TE37 rims sized 18 inches ensures an abundance of tarmac-searing grip. That graphics-laden bodywork (with those aggressive nose and big-ass wing) is all fully custom, as in tailor made to perfection but then again, it isn’t for show. After all, this is a Time-to-Attack superspeciale; there are aerodynamic considerations at play as per its exterior designs. While its interior is comparatively Spartan, apart from the roll cage, the string of gauges, the Momo steering, RE Amemiya gear knob, and Bride bucket seats that is.

So there you have it an ‘Archangel named Wankel’ on wheels courtesy of Amazing Garage. And the ‘collaborators’ involved in the mix are the sponsor – Moty’s Oil brought to you by Wing Hin Auto Supplies.

Car: Mazda FD3S RX-7 TTA

Engine Modifications: 13B-REW Owens Development Turbo GT42, HKS V-Mount Intercooler kit, HKS GT 60mm Wastegate, FEED Turbo Manifold, custom port & polish by Amazing Garage, FEED throttle body, FEED Sonic muffler, 2mm coated apex seal, Racing apex seal spring, Koyo 3-layer radiator, Sard fuel regulator, custom high capacity fuel rail, 1000cc primary injector, 2250cc secondary injector, AG bubble tank, AG full engine steel braided, AG fuel surge tank, Walbro 400 fuel pump, Earls oil cooler, Earls fuel cooler, FEED solid engine mounting

Transmission: Exedy Carbon triple plate clutch, FEED 2-way LSD, FEED 4.1 final drive

Brakes: Brembo monoblock front brakes, Endless front disc rotor, stock rear brakes, FEED brake liner

Chassis: Sachs Race Engineering suspension, Auto EXE anti-roll bar, FEED adjustable rear castor bar, adjustable rear toe bar

Wheels & Tyres: Volk Racing TE37 18×9.5 front 18×10.5 rear; Hankook Z221 semi-slicks

Exterior: custom bodywork, front spoiler, rear wing

Interior: Bride full bucket seats, Momo Line steering wheel, RE gear knob

Electronics: Apexi Power FC ECU, Defi display meter, Defi boost meter, Neko air fuel meter

Garage: Amazing Garage