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White Widow

Ferrari F430 Spider

I’m pretty sure almost every kid back in the day had some fun with those big brown paper boxes; big or small there must have been countless fond memories of us climbing in and out of them regardless if it was from the groceries store or one that used to house a television set. Big or small, it didn’t matter then for our pint-sized physique but our boundaries were drawn by the limits of our imagination in turning those brown boxes into anything we desire with colourful decorations and fanciful drawings.

It was anything we wanted it to be really, a tall vertical box was turned into a space shuttle which lifted off to space in our living rooms; a flat horizontal one was turned into a supercar which had stripes and badges pulled around in the garden by our mates while we superficially make bizarre engine noises. As naive and childish as it seemed, the pure fun and amusement we had definitely made them the most carefree days we’ll ever have; undeniably I was one of those childish kids and if I ever have to carve one of those boxes again into a supercar of today, I’d cut off the “roof” of the box and try to emulate this exquisite F430 Spider.

As a successor to the 360 Modena, the F430 has definitely raised the bar to a whole new level in both technology developments and pure driving excitement. In so many ways and different angles does this car just scream for attention no matter who it attracts; and like every other Ferrari, it’s no slouch too.

With the century sprint completed before you could even spell out its full name, the 4.3-liter V8 engine in this Spider is similar to that of the coupe it’s based on; it will scream at and torment whoevers at the helm all the way up to 8,500 rpm but unlike the other Spiders, this will probably push out in excess of a haunting 500 horsepower with its simple yet effective bolt-on modifications.

From every position and angle you look at it, the Pininfarina-inspired Spider is simply sublime. From its pointy front nose with its mean wide nostrils to its big broad back with fins and arches design for aerodynamic convenience, this is not a car designed just to look pretty, it’s like all the other Spiders from the previous models, designed to awe with usability in mind.

It’s a smart convertible too; its roof panel automatically folds away in a two-stage folding action and is tucked away neatly in the back in a matter of seconds. As most of us would imagine, being a convertible with its roof chopped off, a car’s stability and controls would be as good as gone but that only seems as big of a problem as a fly to the Spider.

Speaking of controls, the Spider is probably the epitome of it; like the coupe, the Spider is equipped with the revolutionary E-Diff. This Formula One-inspired system is a computer-monitored limited slip active differential which instinctively increases and decreases torque distribution according to the steering angle and lateral acceleration. Since we’re on the topic of Formula One, the biggest resemblance the Spider has to the pinnacle of motorsports is probably its steering wheel where a control knob allows the driver to select from 5 different setups for various driving conditions.

And for moments when the foot feels heavy, the Tubi-styled full exhaust system on this Spider tops of the F430’s bursting acceleration like caramel cream on a butter cupcake with its raw and ear-splitting effect. Its increase in power figures is also the result of an APD reflashed ECU and unlike other F430’s, this Spider displays a carbon wrapped engine compartment.

This Spider is also not all fun and games, it takes its time-travelling speeds very seriously too as the 6-pot Brembo brakes with mono block calipers at the front and rear screeches the car to a whole in a matter of a few blinding seconds; be sure to hang on to those eye-sockets. Unlike the conventional twin five spoke rims, this Spider “wears” a set of 20-inch Savini forged rims.

Its interior is identical to that of the coupe but what sets this one apart from it and the other mediocre Spiders is that this one has been accessorized with the tinsel of automotive jewelry as seen with the Novitec Rosso foot and shift pedals. That isn’t the last of the Novitec Rosso’s sprinkle of modifications as it extends to the exterior with a rear carbon diffuser and a front splitter.

Need an expensive hairdryer? I’d start cracking those tucked away piggy bank and safes if I were you.

Car: Ferrari F430 Spider
Engine: 4.3-liter V8
Engine Modifications: Tubi-styled full exhaust system (from manifold), Carbon wrapped engine compartment, APD flashed ECU
Brakes: Brembo 6-pot Gran Turismo, Mono block calipers (front and back)
Wheels & Tires: 20″ Savini forged rims
Interior: Novitec rosso foot pedals, Novitec rosso shift pedals
Exterior: Novitec rosso rear carbon diffuser, Novitec rosso carbon front splitter, Air-brushed stripes, custom pearl white paint

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