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White Knight

Helplessly watching while others have the time of their lives blasting around the highways in their Japanese turbocharged monsters or continental exotics is definitely not a pleasant feeling if one is honest. While some of us strive to achieve that sweet success of rolling out of a dealership in a spanking new supercar, some of us speed junkies who live up to that calling lack that patience to be a master of such power behind the wheel for an adrenaline fix. Call it risking life and limb, or just plain stupid, no one can understand how a car makes that little boy in all of us feel when the pedal is put to the metal.

There’s just something about hot hatches and pocket rockets that appeal to us young and restless ones. Having a little front-wheeler so souped up that everytime its turbo spools to it limit, that melodious tune just sends chills down our spines. Such thrills, when everything on your rear view mirror gets smaller and the sights on your sides start to fade will undeniably smack the widest smile on a troubled man looking to get away to his nirvana. All of us know that turbocharging is the most effective way of squeezing every little bit of power out of our little engines and there’s an abundance of hot hatches out there to choose from for such a modification or better yet one that is turbocharged as standard.

Infamous models such as the Toyota Starlet EP82, the Mazda Familia 323 may have aged a little but still remain firm favourites among youngsters and old timers alike, as it was cars like these that turned men into boys and set the trend of hot hatches that has withstood the test of time. One locally produced hot hatch however, the Perodua Myvi, a car made to serve the masses has been a firm favourite among limited budget boy-racers for turbocharging purposes. In realising its potential, the owner of our feature car, Oliver, saw the giant-killing potential of his beloved Myvi and did just that.

To begin with, a Garrett AR60 turbine was bolted on to the stock standard Myvi engine with only its pistons being replaced with those from a YRV. The blow off valve unit on this was pulled out from an EVO 8 MR to release excess pressure produced by the turbocharger. To prevent a spike in boost, a Trust 38mm external wastegate is fitted to ensure that boost remains constant, in this case, 0.5 bar at all times. To cope with all the power the Myvi is currently producing, the standard gearbox has been replaced with a 6-speed unit from an AE111 with custom drive shafts to cope with the power delivery.

A set of 4 pot brakes have been fitted in the front and for the rear, the brakes are pulled out from an AE111 to see that the job of bringing the car to a standstill is done effortlessly. With all that power now being delivered to the front wheels, a limited slip differential is fitted to reduce wheel spin during the sudden surge of power. Keeping this car composed around the bends now is a set of GAB HA street suspensions and for competitions, a set of TEIN fully adjustable coilovers. If this Myvi were to ever tail you, the first thing you’d notice is the huge original hood scoop from a Daihatsu Sirion X4 in charge of channelling air into the engine bay.

The interior has been kept relatively simple with the only obvious change coming from a pair of SSCUS Euro seats replacing the original ones for a more spirited drive. Look around the cockpit and you’d also notice a boost meter, an exhaust temperature and air/fuel mixture gauge to keep the driver constantly in-check with the condition of the car. Modifications have been kept to a minimum but the owner here has no plans of slowing down as the fueling system will soon be upgraded with new fuel injectors, a new fuel rail, along with the addition of a bigger throttle body and intake manifold. Future upgrades also include a standalone ECU to manage the operation of the car.

The David and Goliath task has never been an easy one, but nonetheless to those brave enough to take on it more often than not emerge victorious, like Oliver and his Myvi. To those who were made to think that turbos can only exist in the Evo’s and Scoobys or that the little Myvi is just another daily workhorse for the masses, were simply proven wrong with this modification on this car. With some detailed care and attention, even a helpless little workhorse can be turned into a giant-killing machine.

Car: Perodua Myvi SE
Engine: 1.3 DOHC 16-valve
Engine modifications: Garrett AR 60 turbine, YRV pistons, EVO 8 MR blow-off valve, Trust 38mm external wastegate
Transmission: AE111 6-speed, custom drive shaft, LSD
Suspension/Chassis: GAB HA street, TEIN fully adjustable
Brakes: 4 pot callipers and discs (front), AE111 calipers and discs (rear)
Electronics: Autogauge boost meter, Air/fuel and exhaust temperature gauge
Interior: SSCUS Euro seats
Exterior: Original hood scoop from Daihatsu X4
Tuner: – Mengz Kampung style, Subang 2, Suspension – MJ drift

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