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Wet and Wild

Greed imprisons us all. Being one of the few sins, it is probably the worse aspect to be embodied into a person.

No man is satisfied with what they have and those who are, are nowhere to be found as they’ve probably went off the grid living the simple life in some remote location unknown to most. The food lovers will never stop eating, the money-minded will never be contented with their swelling bank accounts, the shopaholics will never be happy with the over-flowing closets and the list just goes on.

Most men are fond of their toys and men, they love their cars. The wives can complain about spending more money on cars than on house essentials but who are they to say when they’re not behind the wheel of a pants-wetting experience.

They don’t make cars like the Supra anymore; cars that at first glance, define heaven on earth for those horsepower connoisseurs with its highly gifted, bullet-proof 3-liter twin turbo engine. And with a testosterone-filled Supra like Anthony’s still stamping the authority of this dying breed, it’s no wonder people still admire the 20 year old gal like it was Madonna in her heyday.


Supra engines are known for their free flowing nature and fittingly enough, the power hungry will have the Sound Performance single turbo kit with a GT4294R DBB turbine. The charged air is then cooled with a GReddy 3 row intercooler while cooling the 3-liter beast in itself is dealt with by the Koyo radiator with custom polished radiator pipe.

One particular part on the spec list that caught our attention was the Sound Performance quick spool valve which apparently has a 25% increase in rear wheel horsepower, while reducing unwanted turbo lag. Word on the street is that it is like nitrous-oxide but minus carrying the bottle of explosive gas in your trunk hence acting like a fast-responding little turbine.

Other Sound Performance parts are the SP long tube race headers and the SP 4” downpipe that expels gasses through the oversized 4” HKS Titanium exhaust system. Excess boost is regulated by a massive HKS SSQV blow off valve along with a rare-abalone sized 44mm Tial wastegate while manually, boost can be regulated with Turbo XS manual boost controller.


Air filtration is dealt with the K&N filter attached to a SP polished intake pipe. Freer flowing fuel supply comes from dual Walbro fuel pumps, an SP dual feel fuel rail, Precision 1200cc injectors and SS fuel system lines; any stronger fuel supply and the engine would need its own dam but then it would with a SP fuel pressure regulator.

To handle the immense power that the Supra literally pours out, the transmission has been significantly strengthen with an ACT / HPF single disk clutch system along with the a TRD limited-slip differential to avoid the Supra generating its power station with the wheels spinning out of control though it probably wouldn’t with the huge, massive and elegantly-simple 19” AVS Model 5 wheels coated in uber wide Toyo T1R tires.

Braking is aided with AP Racing 6-pot calipers in the front with Goodridge SS brake lines while the Supra out of control dancing on the tarmac is held back by HKS Hipermax II coilovers and a Tanabe rear strut bar to hold this untamed Japanese bison. On the inside, Recaro SR3 seats occupy the aging interior along with a Momo Race steering wheel while the custom gauge mounting on the glove box adds more spice to an already saucy interior.

On the outside, the Supra’s Sylvester Stallone looks may not have aged as bad as the actor himself but with an OEM tail, glass headlights and front clear signal lights, it’s like having a girl in specks swap to a pair of colour contact lenses.

Other additions to the exterior are the custom front lip, custom rear side and rear skirts with a white paint job all tailor-made to suit the Supra. Topping it all off is the Rodmillen Motorsports carbon fiber rear wing.

Eating too much causes indigestion and unwise spending may lead to poverty but a Supra with easily more than 400 horsepower at the disposal of the drivers toes, too much power is never too much.

Car: Toyota Supra

Engine Modifications: Sound Performance single turbo kit, GT4294R DBB turbo, SP Long Tube Race header, SP Quick spool valve, Tial 44mm wastegate, SP 4″ downpipe, HKS Titanium 4″ exhaust, SP polished intake pipe, K&N filter, Dual walbro fuel pumps, SP dual feel fuel rail, Precision 1200cc injectors, SP Fuel pressure regulator, EGR Block-off plate, SS fuel system lines, HKS 264/272 camshafts, Koyo radiator, Custom polished radiator pipe, Greddy 10 row oil cooler, Greddy 3 row intercooler, Greddy radiator cap, TRD oil filler cap, Turbo XS manual boost controller, HKS SSQV blow off valve

Transmission: ACT / HPF single disk clutch system, TRD Limited-Slip Differential

Brakes: AP Racing 6-pot front brakes, Goodridge SS brake lines

Suspension: HKS Hipermax II coilovers, Tanabe rear strut bar

Wheels & Tires: AVS Model 5 wheels 19×9, 19×10, Toyo T1R tires 245/35/19, 275/30/19

Interior: Recaro SR3 seats, Momo race steering wheel, Custom gauge mounts

Exterior: OEM 98 tail lights, OEM glass headlights, OEM front clear signal lights, Clear sidemarkets, Custom front lip, Custom side & rear skirts, Custom white paint job, Rodmillen Motorsports carbon fiber rear wing

Electronics: Haltech PS 2000 standalone ECU, Haltech 3 bar map sensor, Haltech Intake air sensor, AEM UEGO AFR gauge, Blitz fuel pressure gauge, Blitz oil temperature gauge, Apex’i EL2 boost gauge

Text: Pan Eu Jin
Photos: Muhammad Balbed

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