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Weekend Conqueror

The Type R sphere of influence goes quite a bit larger inasmuch as the re-adaptation of Type R components – its driveline, its powertrain, right down to its decals and insignias have been rigorously adopted by, for the lack of a better description ‘non-Type R’ Hondas to such devastating effect that they have even outperformed the originals, being tweaked up, spruced up, beefed up, and all manner of ups that might entail an entirely new moniker, perhaps maybe a Type RR or something of the sort. The kind of individuals that have the spunk to strive for such lofty heights are the sort of people that this magazine is dedicated to, and the poster boy that perfectly embodies the essence of these genuine enthusiasts are the guys responsible for this nicely crafted ‘orange peel’ finish, Honda EK9 (fully converted mind you).

For the EK9 (1997 – 2000) It has maintained its credibility as one of the most dependable Civic platform for performance modifications; thanks largely to it being appointed by Honda’s top brass (back then) to be the pioneering Type R model – for those of us who were right in the thick of it at the time remember all too well just how big a deal the 183ps B16B VTEC, seam-welded monocoque chassis Civic EK9 was, and just how far the shifting of the performance hatch goalposts the Civic Type R indelibly managed with its arrival in the scene.

This total conversion EK9 however, despite staying ever more faithful to the time-honored Type R concept of speed & performance, intends to go a couple of notches further, faster, stronger, feistier, quicker, in every feasible manner. One glance at its fully loaded spec sheet you can tell what this orange EK is all about, or at the very least we can pretty much hazard an educated guess, yeah duh obviously it’s a weekend track special ennit? Or perhaps a weekend toy inasmuch – a little for the track, and a little for the night excursions (scything up the many fine roads around the suburbs of the city), or something along those elementary concepts.

But there’s nothing elementary as per the B18C motor – the one and the same powerplant nestled under the front hood of the Integra DC2 Type R, considered one of the finest front wheel driven performance hatch ever produced. For the EK9 the B18C was fully balanced while its cylinder head was CNC port & polished. Its Internals received quite a bit of investments: CP 82mm pistons, while a set of top notched go-faster components from JUN Auto – its Type 3 camshafts & valve springs replaced the stock ones, ditto the stock valve as well and in came Supertech valves.

Therein a series of crucial upgrades follows: titanium retainers (Brian Crower) adjustable cam pulley and lightened crank pulley. With the perkier power output it goes without saying some upgrades are necessary on the Intakes: Skunk2 intake manifold for starters, S90 throttle body, plus K&N equipped intake ram pipe (custom). Fuel requirements are kept optimized with 255 liter per hour Walbro fuel pump, AEM adjustable fuel pressure regulator and Works fuel rail. For the more serious track outings, a baffled oil pan is installed to combat low oil pressure right in the midst of full on attack. Spent gases exits the engine via the PLM HYTECH Tri-Y headers and on through an Apexi muffler with custom 3 inch piping. Some extra brain power comes from a Hondata S300, which doubles up the stock ECU’s capabilities.

Beefier transmission was sourced again from a DC2 Type R, 4.9 final drive with Ogura clutch & flywheel installed; and a 2-Way KAAZ Limited Slip Differential allowing for some fancy sideways action. Chassis upgrades are just as extensive: TEIN adjustable coilovers (Type RA) with 14kg springs (front) and 10kg springs (rear). Handling compliments includes chassis strengthening parts – a myriad of components (camber kit, strut bars, monkey bar, anti-roll bars, mountings, bushings, with a myriad of top brands – Hardrace, Cusco, J’s Racing, ASR, Skunk2.

Brakes upgrades centers around Project µ SCR Pro rotors: 2 pc SCR Pro for the front while for the rear SCR Pure Plus6 single pc rotor, all four equipped with Mugen pads. Wheels & Tires combination features 15 inch SSR Type C rims 7 inches wide all around with offsets +35 for the front and +42 rear, and Advan Neova AD08R 195 tires.

The striking paintjob wraps what is in effect a pretty standard EK9 bodywork, its potency hinted by the usual carbon fiber hood, while on the inside its pretty much the usual thoroughfare – Defi link VSD complete sensors, Oil temp, oil press, fuel press, water temp, RPM, Speed, Momo race steering, with NRG quick release.

Car: Honda Civic EK9 Full Conversion

Engine Mods: Integra DC2 B18C Type R engine, CP piston 82mm, Fully balanced engine, Skunk2 intake manifold, custom intake ram pipe with original K&N, S90 throttle body, Hondata S300, CNC port and polished B18CR head, JUN Type3 cams, JUN valve springs, Supertech valve, Brian crower titanium retainers, Adjustable cam pulley, Lightened crank pulley, Walbro 255 lph fuel pump, AEM adjustable fuel pressure regulator, Works fuel rail, Supertech block guard, Baffled oil pan, PLM HYTECH Tri-Y headers, Custom 3 inch piping with Apexi muffler

Transmission: DC2 type R gearbox, KAAZ 2-way LSD, 4.9 final drive, Ogura clutch and flywheel

Chassis: Hardrace engine mounting & bushings (all), Skunk2 front camber kit, Front Cusco strut bar, Rear Miracle X bar, Rear Cusco monkey bar, ASR rear reinforcement brace, Adjustable room bar, J’s racing fender bar, EK9 anti roll bar, pillow ball top mount

Suspension: TEIN Type RA adjustable coilovers; front 14kg springs, rear 10kg springs; pillow ball top mount,

Brakes: Front Project µ SCR Pro 2pc rotor with Mugen pads, Project µ SCR Pure Plus6 single piece rotor with Mugen pads (rear)

Wheels & Tires: SSR Type C rim 5h/114.3 front 15×7 +35, rear 15×7 +42, Yokohama Advan Neova AD08R 195/55/15 tyres

Interior: Momo race steering, with NRG quick release, Defi link VSD complete sensors, oil temp, oil press, fuel pressure, water temp, RPM, speed

Exterior: Carbon fiber hood