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Warrior’s Weapon

Honda Civics have been around for decades now. As the newer models emerge from time to time, the earlier versions like the EG6 and the following EK9 has had a huge following and has achieved cult status among boy racers and Honda enthusiasts alike. The combination of its nimble and balanced chassis put into the mix with Honda’s legendary VTEC engines has made it such a huge success that ever so often we still see many great examples roaming our streets.

It’s really hard to point out what’s not to like about those cars. It would be utterly shocking to know that there are petrolheads out there that wouldn’t love a hard revving, loud screaming hot hatch that drives like a dream while it attempts to disintegrate your ear drums to the core with the famed VTEC engines like the B16A or B18C implanted in it. It’s hardly a surprise then, why ST Wangan opted for a Honda Civic EK powered by the B16A engine to spearhead their challenge at the Sepang 1000KM Endurance Race.

The B16A engine in this now track car retains its stock headgasket while significant changes have been made to the engines internals. It now boasts Type R camshafts, valve springs, valves and pistons, and Carrillo conrods for better reliability, as powering around the track at such high revs can put the engine under a lot of stress. Exhaust gases are emitted through Mugen extractors via a custom exhaust system that not only significantly improves the EK9’s performance but also gives it a thunderous roar so loud that would intimidate even the great Greek god of thunder and lightning, Zeus.

As the car is built for endurance racing, its cooling system has also been significantly upgraded to ensure that the car is capable of enduring the long hours of harsh and treacherous racing. A Koyo aluminium radiator, a Trust oil cooler kit, ORC Hyper LLCX Coolant and a Spoon thermostat all help to keep the car competition worthy without worry of overheating.

Hardrace hardened rubber bushings and adjustable arms, together with TEIN Super Racing coilovers allow for constant fine tuning for the optimum setting for the car to cope with the different cornering conditions the track has to offer. As is the case with the engine, the brakes are also essential when its constantly being pushed to the limit and it mustn’t fail. Here then, the EK9’s braking system is upgraded with APP brake lines and a set of Option Motor 6-pot brakes for superior and more durable braking performance during the long hours of hard racing. Putting the power from the B16A down to the tarmac are Gramlights 57Motorsport G07GR wheels, wrapped in Federal FZ-201 tyres.

On the transmission side of things, the EK9 has been fitted with a shorter, OS Giken final drive ratio, OS Giken close ratio for 3rd, 4th, 5th gears, an OS Giken Super Lock LSD and a ORC Racing Concept Super Single Clutch which allows for more durability to withstand the rigours of endurance racing. The race warrior’s stripped out interior makes it a machine to be taken seriously with its FIA approved Bride Zeta III Special Edition full bucket seat, a Takata racing harness and Racepak IQ3 Datalogger Dash. The Racepak IQ3 is a pretty cool device, as it furnishes the driver with just about everything he or she will need, from displaying engine parameters such as oil pressure and temperatures to lap times. It even has a built in shift indicator! In the trunk, sit a Sard 5L fuel surge tank with Power Enterprise fuel pumps.

With the effort put into this car for the inaugural race, it would take a blind person to not notice that this car means business. Blessed with supportive sponsors and capable drivers like Aloysius Lek, Desmond Soh, and Teh Kian Boon, it was certainly a successful outing for Team ST Wangan at the Sepang 1000KM Endurance Race as they emerged 3rd overall and would be sure to be back next year, stronger than ever, hungry for more.


Car: Honda Civic EK9

Engine: B16A

Engine Modifications: Type R Camshafts, Type R Valve Springs, Type R Valves, Stock headgasket, Type R Pistons, Carrillo Conrods, Mugen Extractors, Custom Exhaust System, Koyo Radiator, Trust Oil Cooler Kit, ORC Hyper LLCX Coolant, Motul Engine Oil, Spoon thermostat

Transmission: OS Giken Final Drive, OS Giken Close Ratio 3rd, 4th, 5th, OS Giken Super Lock LSD, ORC Racing Concept Super Single Clutch

Suspension & Chassis: Full Hardrace Bushing & Adjustable Arms, TEIN Super Racing Suspension System

Brakes: Option Motor 6 Pot Brakes, APP Brake lines

Wheels: Gramlights 57Motorsport G07GR Wheels

Interior: Bride Zeta III Special Edition (FIA Approved) Full Bucket Seat, Racepak IQ3 Datalogger Dash, Takata Racing Harness, Sard 5L Fuel Surge Tank with Power Enterprise Fuel Pumps

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