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2002 was the year which marked the end of the iconic ‘90s Japanese sports car era. It was the final year of production for cars like the Toyota Supra, Nissan Skyline GT-R, Mazda RX-7, and Nissan Silvia. With the EVOs and STIs left to take lead of the turbocharge front, the next generation saw an evolution of trend with cars like the Honda S2000, Nissan 350Z, and Mazda RX-8.

But as we see the current trend is shifting towards hot hatches and turbocharged 1.6/2.0-liter engines, so the days of turbocharging are far from over. It also means that these legendary machines only get better with age, just like great wine. Their reputation continues to appeal and inspire a new generation of performance enthusiasts, and the demand ensures their value in the 2nd hand market.

The Nissan S15, with its timeless design and performance appeal, has always been highly sought after among enthusiasts, even more so when it’s done up like this. The S15 adapts very well to aftermarket bodykits, and more often than not looks better with it. This GP Sport bodykit is one of the newer emerging styles and is a top favourite among S15 owners with its aggressive sharp lips and accents. With LED lights all round to update the look, you would be hard-pressed to tell that this car is over 10 years old.

Tucked away under the bonnet is tried and trusted SR20DET, which is anything but standard. The internals have been upgraded with forged pistons, forged conrods, race bearings, ARP studs, and a metal head gasket. The head is a VVL-NEO item with adjustable cam gears. The reason for all this work – a Garrett GT3582R turbocharger. This custom setup features an anti-surge turbo intake from Turbo Tong, a custom exhaust manifold, custom intake manifold, and a Turbosmart 50mm external wastegate.

Under6ix provides custom fabrication and the engine bay has a few of their work, like the custom radiator reservoir, custom enlarged breather, custom down pipe & front pipe, and custom intercooler & air filter piping. The work is high quality to feed upgraded cooling setup consisting of the bigger intercooler, aluminium radiator, and additional oil coolers.

Most of us would be more than happy with this kind of setup, but this Silvia has an ace up its sleeves. With a Nitrous Oxide (NOS) system installed, the guys can now live out the Fast and the Furious quarter-mile fantasy. But unlike the movie, which had questionable movie-only tuning methods, Under6ix has theirs done properly with an AEM standalone ECU and additional AEM components.

An RB25DET gearbox has been selected as a more reliable option over the factory gearbox, known for being much stronger and able to withstand the increase in horsepower. The gearbox is installed with a twin plate clutch and heavy duty clutch bearing from OS Giken, and a Cusco 2-way LSD to drive power to the rear wheels.

Silvias are reputable for their handling, and there are plenty of aftermarket options available in this department. Under6ix opted for a DIGI-5 suspension kit, which is one of the preferred choices by Silvia owners in Japan. Additionally, the S15 is outfitted with Cusco castor rods, rear camber arm, brake cylinder stopper, and URAS tie rod and angle rings, because why not.

The Under6ix S15 runs some pretty beefy Advan RG2 wheels in size 18 x 9.5jj with 265/35/18 Goodyear Asymmetric tyres, and if you look behind it you’ll see why. Sitting in front is a pair of AP Racing CP5555 6-pot calipers with AP Racing slotted 332mm rotors running on Ferodo DS2500 pads. Taking up the rear are Nissan ECR33 2-pot calipers, also with slotted rotors and Race Brakes RB74 pads.

The interior is equipped with essential equipments, like the Nismo meter cluster which reads up to 280km/h, and the accompanying shift light and boost meter. The driver gets comfortable (or not) with a Bride Zeta full bucket seat and an essential Nardi 330mm steering wheel for the touch of JDM.

Car: Nissan S15 Silvia

Engine: SR20DET 2.0-liter inline 4-cylinder turbocharged, Wiseco 87mm forged pistons, Tomei forged conrods, Tomei 1.2mm metal gasket, VVL-NEO head, Tomei N2 oil block, Adjustable cam gears, ACL Race bearings, ARP head studs ARP main studs, Garrett GT3582R turbo, Turbo Tong custom anti-surge turbo intake, Turbosmart 50mm external wastegate, Tonnka custom exhaust manifold, Tonnka special custom intake manifold, Tonnka special custom 90mm throttle body, Under6ix custom radiator reservoir, Under6ix custom enlarged breather, Under6ix custom down pipe & front pipe, Under6ix custom intercooler & air filter piping, HKS GT drag intercooler, HKS type-2 racing blow off valve, Samco intercooler hoses, Norma industrial clips, Under6ix 3 1/2inch exhaust system, Nismo engine mountings, GReddy aluminum radiator, GReddy oil cooler & oil filter relocation kit, Greedy oversize oil sump, GReddy underdrive lightweight pulleys, Blitz cooling performer, Samco radiator hoses, AEM dry flow air filter, AEM fuel regulator, Bosch 044 fuel pump, SARD 850cc injectors, Splitfire ignition coils, Nitrous Oxide Gas (NOS) system

Electronics: AEM standalone ECU, AEM inlet temp sensor, AEM 5 bar MAP sensor, turbosmart dual boost controller

Transmission: RB25DET 5-speed manual gearbox, OS Giken twin plate clutch, OS Giken heavy duty clutch bearing, Cusco 2-way LSD

Chassis & Handling: DIGI-5 suspension magic, Cusco castor rod, Cusco rear camber arm, Cusco brake cylinder stopper, URAS tie rod + angle rings, Nismo power brace

Brakes: AP Racing CP5555 6-pot calipers (front), AP Racing slotted 332mm rotors, Ferodo DS2500 pads, Nissan ECR33 2-pot calipers (rear), Slotted rotors, Race Brakes RB74 pads

Wheels & Tyres: Advan RG2 wheels (18 x 9.5jj, offset +10), 265/35/18 Goodyear Asymmetric tyres

Interior: Nismo 280km/h meter cluster, Pivot SSL-Pro shift light, Blitz fatt turbo timer, SARD 2.5 bar boost meter, Nardi 330mm steering, Nismo boss kit, Bride Zeta full bucket seat, Bride FG-type rails, Kenwood player

Exterior: Genuine GP Sport bodykit, Ganador mirrors, Philips 6000k HID kit (low beam), Philips 6000 HID kit (high beam), Max 2000 strobe light, Wise Square LED lights, Custom LED lights all round, Custom headlight airbrush, Nismo smoked side indicators, PIAA silicon wipers

Garage: Under6ix & Under5ive

Words: Sean Eu
Photos: Kenny Yeoh

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