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Wanky Wankel

There are certain vehicles in this world that deserves a certain amount of respect and truth be told there are not that many that truly deserve it. Some cars deserve only a small amount while others deserve a shitload of respect.

The amount of respect it deserves is measured by the simple things, such as the rarity of said vehicle and the vehicle’s ability to look sexier than a Hooter’s waitress with Kate Beckinsale’s face and Jessica Biel’s rear.

If you are a petrol-head, chances are you have gone through the experience of gripping the steering wheel harder when a certain car or motorcycle is sharing the same road with you, even though your girlfriend with features mentioned earlier is sitting beside you with a hand on your lap. Don’t lie, it’s not good to live in denial.

Being an Asian, chances are we are more likely to be drooling over a car from The Land of the Rising Sun because the probability of us owning a Shelby GT500 is quite remote compared to owning an RX-7. Having said that, we do have one here, complete with a model. You like? We booked her already, get in line.

This particular Mazda RX-7 hails from the land of the rising sun, and if you just knew that, you are probably a noob.

The RX-7 has always been something like a miracle in the physics world, particular because of the piston-less engine. The history of the rotary engine itself will take us back well beyond the First World War, and would be a little lengthy to be mentioned here. Suffice to say that the Wankel engine found in Mazda cars is quite different than its earlier predecessors, although they are still called ‘rotary engines’.

This particular Wankel engine began its development in 1951, although the designed used in Mazda cars, particularly the first application in the Mazda 110S Cosmo, was not perfected until 1967, with the launch of the car. Felix Wankel, the developer of the Wankel engine, made the first Wankel rotary engine in 1954. Contrary to popular belief, the NSU Wankel Spider was the first production car to be powered by a Wankel engine, and was produced in 1964 until 1967. The car was a two-door cabriolet, and the engine was located at the rear.

The latest application of the Wankel engine for Mazda is in the Mazda RX-8, but many would still agree that the RX-7 is the weapon of choice when it comes to drooling and smoking anybody that gets in the way.

We came at last to drool on this beautiful red RX-7 FD3S, upgraded all the way to ensure proper satisfaction is guaranteed. Starting with the fully rebuilt engine, but with an added 3mm apex seal that will allow higher boosting effortlessly, the intake header has been replaced with a GReddy piece, giving it more room for taking in air for the mixing business. All the necessary stuff has received a generous amount of porting and polishing for smoother airflow.

An RE Amemiya aluminum lighten pulley sets are used that effectively reducing the weight and increasing the balance of the engine, giving immediate weight distribution advantage. Compressed air comes from a single BorgWarner turbocharger, which allows better spooling and higher durability. A customised intercooler is used to ensure proper charge air cooling, together with a Turbosmart blow-off valve. Boost is controlled via an Apexi boost controller.

Fueling has been upgraded with Walbro 280lph fuel pump together with customized fuel rail with two 850cc primary injectors and two pieces of 1600cc secondary injectors. Imagine how fast the fuel intake would be, and how much power is delivered. NGK Racing plugs and cables are used for the burning process that’ll allow easier and faster acceleration, effectively guaranteeing satisfactory performance.

Taking out the trash would be a full set of titanium exhaust system that will make your heart skip a few beats once the car starts revving. We like the nifty bits of customized oil filler cap, brake reservoir cap and engine dip stick brought in all the way from the U.S.

The transmission has received some upgrades as well, which started with a fully rebuilt RX-7 gearbox and followed by a very awesome ORC twin plate clutch and Tomei LSD. A standalone Apexi Power FC Engine Controller Unit is used for accurate and customized tuning of the engine’s maps.

The chassis has received tremendous upgrades in terms of rigidity with the application of SuperPro polyeutherane bushings and mountings. Add that with the Kei Office Super Drift adjustable coilovers, customized front strut bar and Ultra Racing side fender bar, front lower bar, rear upper bar and lower support bar.The car can take some serious cornering, or drifting, whichever is your preference.

The braking department is looking cooler with the all-original Brembo braking system contributing to the stopping force. Brembo six-pot for the front, complete with 500-degrees heat allowance rotors and pads, and Brembo four-pot for the rear, also with the same pads and rotors. Stainless steel braided hoses are also used to eliminate fade and spongy feel through the pedal.

We like how most of the stuff found in the car is customized to fit. The wheels, especially, are quite an awesome piece of customized work. Works Engineering did a fine job with the customized 20-inch wheels, complete with 9.5j wideness for the front, and insanely wide 11.5j for the rear. Wheels that wide will require some insane tyres to be able to fit on them properly. So, Yokohama branded rubbers sized at 245/30 for the front and whopping 305/25 for the rear are slapped on the wheels.

Moving to the exterior, a full Veilside body kit is utilized to give the RX-7 some proper presence. Nothing beats Veilside when it comes to making people drool. The presence this kit brings to the car will outdo any continental exotic any day of the week.

The interior is awesome as well. Red and black Alcantara upholstery decorates the interior with a touch of pure class. Customised carbon fiber dashboard contributes further to the weight reducing process. Bride Low Max semi-bucket seats are fitted using customized seat rails.
Defi gauges for boost, water temperature, oil pressure and oil temperature are used for accurate monitoring of the engine’s operating conditions.

An Alpine single-DIN head unit is utilize to provide entertainment in the RX-7 but since the car generates a very loud noise when on the road, a 2-channel amp and a 4-channel amp is used to power up the Polk mid bass and 2-way system speakers, complete with crossovers, and two JL Audio subwoofers together with the Alpine capacitor.

Anybody want to know the total stallions living in the engine bay? The RX-7 produces 430hp at 1.2 bar boost, all tuned by Under5 Garage.

Car: Mazda RX-7 FD3S Veilside
Engine Mods: Full engine rebuild with 3mm apex seals and ported, enlarged GReddy intake manifold, Borg Warner single turbo, custom intercooler, custom radiator, Walbro 280l/h fuel pump, Turbosmart blow-off valve, NGK Split Fire race spark plugs, NGK plug cables, RE Amemiya lightened aluminium pulley kit, custom fuel rail, 850cc primary injectors, 1600cc secondary injectors, full titanium exhaust system, Turbosmart 46mm wastegate, custom oil filler cap, custom brake reservoir cap, custom engine dipstick
Electronics: Apexi Power FC, Apexi turbo timer, Defi gauges (boost, water temperature, oil pressure, oil temperature), Apexi boost controller
Transmission: Overhauled stock gearbox, ORC twin plate clutch, Tomei LSD
Chassis & Handling: Kei Office Super Drift, complete SuperPro polyurethane bushes and mountings, full chassis stiffening, custom front support bar, Ultra Racing fender bar, front lower bar, rear upper bar, lower support bar
Brakes: Brembo 6-piston calipers, rotors (front), Brembo 4-piston caliper, rotor, 500C brake pads, stainless steel braided brake hoses
Wheels & Tyres: Custom 20-inch Works Engineering wheels 9.5jj (front), 11.5jj (rear), Yokohama 245/30/20 (front), 305/25/20 (rear)
Interior: Custom carbon fiber dashboard panels, Bride Low Max semi-bucket seat, full Alcantara interior wrap with red lining, Alpine single DIN head unit, POLK component speakers, JL Audio sub-woofer, Alpine capacitor
Exterior: Complete Veilside Fortune body kit
Garage: H&M Garage (engine work), Meveus Aerodynamics (body kit), Under5 (tuning)
Power: 430hp@1.2bar

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