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VDub Ya’ll!

It all started as an advertising campaign for Volkswagen in the United States back in 2006. The advertising agency, Crispin Porter + Bogusky released a series of three 30 second commercials with their own microsite special on the Internet.

If you have not seen any of these commercials, you may want to look it up on Youtube, but if you don’t have any form of access to the Internet, here is a short description on how the ads go: The main character is a “VW engineer” by the name of Wolfgang, who tries to imitate a hip-hop artist with his hot blonde fraulein assistant, Miss Helga. He begins the ad by saying “Vee Dub in da house” and introduces a guest and his poorly modified car to the world and proceeds to insult it.

He then says, “Time to unpimps sie auto” and destroys the nasty looking car with the push of a red button, only to replace it with a 2006 Mk V Golf GTI. At the end of each advertisement, Wolfgang has his hands positioned in such a way if forms the letters V and W.


The series of advertisements has since become an internet sensation, going viral with over 2 million views in its first week alone, and earning some 10 million views in three years! Today Vee Dub is used as a moniker to refer to cars made by Volkswagen, be it a Beetle, Kombi or like our feature Mk6 Jetta.

The Jetta’s crisp and smooth three-box design has been elevated to another level, thanks to its full Vortex bodykit that compliments its clean body section. Additional brand compliant go faster decals adds ferociousness to such a subtle looking car.

The Jetta definitely walks the talk with its 1.4L R4 16 valve TSI Twin Charge engine, that’s both supercharged and turbocharged. While 160hp and 240Nm may seem like a mouthful to many, the owner of this Jetta wanted more.

Engine and gearbox performance was enhanced with Monster Tune’s Stage 2 DSG Performance remap. It increases the engine’s redline to 7150rpm and cuts the time it takes to shift between gears by 70 percent, thus making its 7-speed DSG shift faster than the blink of an eye.


While most parts of the interior remains stock, a little extra creature comfort never hurts. The original ‘Sienna’ fabric seats are now covered in leather and the center console sports an updated RCD 510 radio and MP3 receiver. Sitting on top of the dashboard is a Shadow Sport Meter Pro boost gauge to monitor how much turbo druck the twin charged system makes.

Its menacing stance comes as a result of the Eibach PRO-KIT lowering coil springs combined together with a set of Bilstein B8 inverted mono-tube shock absorbers ensure safety, comfort and good looks.

The Jetta’s stock brakes were binned and replaced with disc and callipers taken off a Golf R. Yes, you read that right…those black callipers with the little white “R” on them. Unfortunately, for our shoot the Jetta had yet to wear its new stoppers.


It did however have on its new shoes. A set of 18” Rotiform Forged Monoblock wheels, a popular choice among Volkswagen crowd, is wrapped with low profile 225/40/R18 Continental ContiMaxContact MC5 tyres. Why are these wheels so popular? Because it makes the car a head-turner that reinforces the saying that goes “the wheels maketh the car.”

If you are a proud owner of a Volkswagen, you can pretend to be like Wolfgang; Kneel down, gesture with your hands and scream “Representing Deutschland” much like the ending of the advertisement.

Car: Volkswagen Jetta MK6

Body: Vortex full bodykit

Engine: 1.4 R4 16V TSI

Electronics: Monster Tune Stage 2 DSG Performance remap, Shadow Sport Meter Pro

Transmission: 7-Speed DSG

Chassis & Handling: Bilstein B8 shocks, Eibach lowering coil springs

Brakes: Golf R kit

Wheels: 18” Rotiform wheel with Continental MC5 225/40/18 tyres

Interior: Custom leather seats, RCD 510 touch screen receiver

Garage: MYF Motorsports / Eurowerks

Text” Bryan Au
Photo: Kenny Yeoh

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