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Turbo Passion

The Proton Gen-2. How does it make you feel when you see one? It may not be a high performance machine but it is our first national car to utilise its own designed platform and engine, namely the CamPro. It’s a pretty decent car for daily use and its styling cues have been well accepted by the Malaysian scene, with cars appearing in motorsport and shows such as the stance scene.

The owner of this white Gen-2 has outfitted his car with bronze Volk Racing TE37s, a custom R3 Neo bumper and R3 side and rear skirts. With an aftermarket spoiler, vortex roof diffuser, and a custom vented hood you would probably think of it as nothing more than another ordinary kitted up Gen-2.

You’d be wrong there.

If you pop open the hood you won’t find a CamPro engine in there. What the owner has done instead is shoehorn a 4G93T from a Mitsubishi Lancer GSR, with a port & polish job for good measure. Why the extra effort? Because it now runs a TD05 turbine from a Lancer Evo 4 on a custom made turbo manifold with additional aid from a Turbosmart Ultra-Gate 38mm wastegate. And if that isn’t enticing enough, he’s also thrown in some custom 282° high performance camshafts and racing cam pulleys, courtesy of Dori’s Racing.

A HKS air filter allows more air to work its way into the turbocharger and through a GReddy intercooler. And should some boost get trapped in the stainless steel piping it will get vented out via the Turbosmart Supersonic blow-off valve. Once the exhaust gas is ready to exit it will do so through the 2.5 inch piping and out the Skunk2 Megapower muffler.

The fuel system has been upgraded to Walbro fuel pump feeding gasoline through a Works Engineering fuel regulator into a Sard fuel rail and into 560cc injectors from an Evo 8. A HKS Super Fire Racing M35i Iridium combined with Platinum spark plugs makes for a perfect pairing to fire up that fuel. Making everything function properly is conveniently controlled and tuned via a GReddy E-Manage Blue, giving the car a final output of 315hp.

The cabin is certainly nothing like the original Gen-2. For the most obvious part the dashboard has been replaced and is now an Evo 4 item along with the steering wheel. A pair of Bride Low Max semi bucket seats adorns the front half of the interior, with the driver side benefitting a Takata 4-point harness. A couple of additional meters, a RalliART Gear Knob, and custom door trims give a final touch to the theme.

Since the car is still FWD, it was also essential to give attention to the handling and braking. The owner opted for a GAB SS series adjustable kit, which has height and damping adjustability, mated to a Jasma pillow ball mount. To add chassis rigidity the owner installed a front strut bar, rear strut bar and a room bar from Ultra Racing. With Yokohama A-Drive R1 tyres up front and twin-pot brakes swapped in from the Lancer GSR stopping the car has been improved as well.

Once again, we have found a great example of turning an ordinary everyday car into an extraordinary performance machine. With a creative mind and a passion for cars and tuning the possibilities are always limitless. In the end it doesn’t matter what ride you have because anything can become amazing when you put your heart and soul into it, and this is the reason we do what we do.


Car: 2005 Proton Gen-2

Engine: Mitsubishi 4G93T GSR CK Version, Port & Polish, Turbine TD05 16g 9t Evo 4, High Performance in/ex 282° Custom Dori’s Racing Obady Camshaft, Dori’s Racing Cam Pulley, Injector 560cc (Evo8), HKS Super Fire Racing M35i Iridium + Platinum Spark Plugs, Custom Velocity Spark Plugs Cover, Fuel Pump Walbro 255lph, Sard Fuel Rail, Works Engineering Fuel Regulator with AVS Fitting, Custom Manifold Banana, Custom Stainless Steel Intercooler Piping, GReddy Intercooler, Turbosmart Supersonic BOV, Turbosmart Ultra-Gate 38mm Wastegate, Turbosmart Mechanical Boost Controller, HKS Air Filter, Cusco Oil Catch Tank, 2.5″ Stainless Steel Piping, Skunk2 Megapower Muffler

Electronics: GReddy E-Manage Blue

Transmission: GSR 5 Speed Manual (2WD Locked)

Chassis & Handling: GAB SS Series Hi-Low Soft Hard, Jasma Pillow Ball, Ultra Racing Front Strut Bar, Rear Strut Bar & Room Bar

Brakes: GSR Twin-pot, Bendix General CT Brake Pads

Wheels & Tyres: Volk Racing TE37, Rays Nut, Dunlop FM501 (Rear), Yokohama A-Drive R1 (Front) 205/50R-16

Interior: Evo4 Dashboard, Evo4 Steering, Greddy Boost Meter, Pivot Speed Meter, HKS Turbo Timer, Bride Low Max Semi Bucket Seat, Takata Corporation 4-Point Harness (Driver side), RalliART Gear Knob, Custom Gen-2 CPS Door Trim

Exterior: Custom R3 Neo Bumper, R3 Side & Rear Skirting, Aftermarket Spoiler, Vortex Roof Diffuser, Custom Vented Hood

Garage: Ajie Autoworks Senawang N9, Dori’s Racing Malacca, LSF Autoworks Sunway

Tuner: Kong LSF Autoworks Sunway

Words: Sean Eu
Photos: CK Fun

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