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Transcending Performance

Now we may have featured a little too many R35 GTR’s that often times it has become a little too repetitive. A stock GTR by itself alone is enough to stand out in a crowd, and the mods list of a typically done-up GTR seems quite text-bookish in the Malaysian context. However the GTR featured here from Motorsport Playground sings an altogether different tune, writing a whole different chapter in the Malaysian GTR ‘hand book’.

While we’re not praying to witness a 2000 horsepower, American-built, drag monster of a GTR that slays million horsepower Lambos in the flesh, cause that would be too much to ask for in this region of the world, we always hope to come across something that’s just different; something that really just POPS!


And this month’s cover not only POPS; it simply bursts out of its cave and bites your head clean off and spits out what’s left of your hair. And you would be, as being taunted by something as mean as this, it’s only normal to have your hair pulled off. This is the *breathes in* Nissan GTR35 Black RevoZport JCR Edition.

With little surprise, you’re probably wondering what the JCR Edition is. The JCR Edition would basically be a model or a brand if you will, which has been created by renowned British Racing drive Jonny Cooker as he looks to bring world class products (consisting of variables such as brakes, exhaust systems and even shift paddles etc) developed with a motorsport pedigree seeing as he has been the winner of a multiple International Championships.


Revosport on the other hand would be involved in the role of developing the aero parts which has proved to be a vital part of the JCR Edition’s package. Their design has always been on the basis of form and function combined with beauty with Aerodynamics, Cooling and Weight being the three main aspects of their developments. Every product can be assure to have survived tests in the most advanced, full-scaled wind tunnel which only accessible by Race teams and OEM manufacturers which have resulted in the parts not only being aesthetically pleasing but aerodynamically spectacular.

Now as there are just too many “layers” to peel off this car in terms of what has been done to it; let’s go from head to toe, from the top most layer right to all the good stuff that’s under the hood. Apart from its awe-inspiring body kit, what would most likely be first to grab your full attention of this monster would be its Black Chrome wrap with Nismo-inspired Red Chrome accents wrapped by the delicate hands of Motorsport Playground.


And now to the delicious kits which are dry carbon which have all been vacuum infused to allow it to withstand high temperatures and downforce weight. At the front, we have the RZ lightweight vented bonnet which further enhances the already bulked up look of the Godzilla.
Attached to the bottom end of the front is another aerodynamic jewel of a front splitter with brake duck kit to increase front downforce while acting as a cooling mechanism for the brakes. Squashed in between are the front canards that, again, improve frontal down-force during high speed cornering giving better turn-in rate with increased stability.

Onwards to the back end of things, rests a “swan neck” spoiler that’s top mounted on a DN duck tail trunk which has proven to provide stunning stability at high speeds while also providing over 15 times more than force than the original wing would. The result of this ensemble has been nothing short of staggering as the overall downforce level is at 676N where it is claimed to be 4000% more than the original GTR.


Knowing this is a GTR we’re discussing here that is already an aerodynamic marvel of an achievement in itself, these numbers are just so hard to fathom; which then brings us to the bottom most layer, the mechanics. Engine maps have been revised for the ignition, variable valve timing and fueling, only possible with the Litchfield RACEROM that allows for switching to various maps from 0.5 bar of boost for Economy runs to 1.1 bar for full race applications.

But the coolest bit of this ensemble would definitely have to the device to adjust boost that has been incorporated into the cruise control switch on the steering wheel for adjustments on the go…now who wouldn’t want that? How cool is that?! Other visible upgrades in the engine bay include a K&N free flowing air filter, a Miltek Y-pipe and rear exhaust system.


All these power is then transferred onto the straights with sheer brutality and ruthlessness, which till now not many cars have been able to match, via the Litchfield custom launch control with a 2012 gearbox software update. As though the GTR’s stock acceleration wasn’t face-tearing enough, the owner now claims that is offers better “low speed manners” with mind-blowing up shifts at full throttle.

With all that ferocity, stopping ability is reassured with the use of Endless 800-degree brake pads; enclosed by the jaw-dropping “Racing Gloss Black”, 20-inch Advan Racing GT forged wheels wrapped in Bridgestone Potenza RE070R rubber and locked in with Rays Engineering Duralumin lug nuts.

Now, writing articles can be quite a chore despite it being on what’s most loved, cars. However, this being said, while salivating all over the keyboard, the specs and parts that have gone into making this GTR a notch or 10 more than the rest, has surely made it a heck of an exciting article to have the pleasure to write.

Car: 2009 Nissan GTR35 – Black Edition UK Spec (JCR Edition RevoZport)

Engine Modifications: Revised mapping for the Ignition and Variable valve timing and fuel maps, Litchfield RACEROM Switchable map (Economy Mode 0.5 bar and Full Race Mode 1.1 bar. Compare to the standard 0.8 bar on 2009 factory car), Adjustable Boost via Cruise control switch on steering wheel, Miltek Y-Pipe, Miltek Rear exhaust system, K&N Free flowing Air Filter

Transmission: Litchfield Custom Launch Control with 2012 gearbox software update (giving better low speed manners and mind blowing up shift in full throttle)

Brakes: Endless 800-degree brake pads

Wheels & Tires: Advan Racing GT – Mold Form Forged A6061-T6, Racing Gloss Black (F) 10J x 20 – 35mm (R) 11J x 20 – 15mm, Rays Engineering Duralumin Lug Nuts, Bridgestone Potenza RE070R R2 RFT 285/35/20 (Front & Rear)

Exterior: DN Duck Tail Trunk, RZ Lightweight Ventilated Bonnet, Front Splitter with Brake cooling system, top mounted GT Wing – “Swan Neck”, JCR Front Canards (All Vacuum Infused Dry Carbon), Vehicle wrap by Motorsport Playground – Black Chrome with ‘Nismo’ inspired Red Chrome accents

Electronics: ECUTek Stage 2 (590 BHP)

Tuner: Litchfield (UK)

Sponsors & Partners: Motorsport Playground, Exotic Mods,, BlueJackets, ATS, GT Auto, ST Wangan, RevoZsport, Litchfield, GTR Club Malaysia

Text: Pan EJ
Photos: Kenny Yeoh