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Thumping Four-Door Type-R

I am sure that if you’re a tried and true car enthusiast, there’s a 99.9% chance you’ve been following the evolution of the fabled Type-R Civics, all the way back to the very first EK variant. Such is our collective fascination with the emblematic red Type-R logo that even a quick glance would immediately command your attention and your utmost respect all at the same beckoning, along with the envious looks you’d unconsciously gave to those proud (and sometimes cocky) Type-R owners. Let’s face it, the Type R Hondas themselves are indeed great and truly iconic driver’s cars, unfortunately some of their owners are anything but.

Yeah, I do hear some concurring grunts and whimpers as per the above statement. But then again should I continue threading this somewhat touchy ground I’d ended up with some unconscionable issues thereafter. So let us divert the issue back to the matter at hand alright? And leave all the bollocking for another day in another segment altogether. So where was I? Oh yes, the Hondas with the flaming red Type R insignias conspicuously on display at the front rear and the sides of Type Rs (at least the genuine ones). Of course Type R didn’t originate with the Civic, it was first offered on the NSX in 1992, before being extended to the Integra in 1995, and the Civic in 1997. Type R models are specially tuned to take full advantage of the potential of the base model and provide a racing car-like driving feel. It is the distillation of 15 years of technological progress and the most fitting expression of Honda’s “Challenging Sprit”.


The FD2R four-door sedan also marked a departure from the previous three-door hot hatches and the FD2 Civic Type R was officially launched to the Malaysian market on August the 2nd 2007. It was the first time that any Type R JDM model was launched outside of Japan. The Civic Type R was priced at about 200 grand (RM) when it was first launched in Malaysia. Those are quite a sum of money for a compact sedan but then again, the FD2R’s dossier is pretty smack in your face impressive – A higher compression ratio and improved breathing efficiency help the naturally-aspirated K20A 2 liter i-VTEC engine churned out 225ps at 8000 rpm and 215Nm of torque at 6100 rpm. In this baby Toda supplied the cams, valve springs, tensioner and lightweight pulley kit. There’s also a Skunk2 cold air intake, TDM 4-2-1 header, a J37 70mm throttle body, custom exhaust system with J’s Racing muffler, a BLOX Thermal Intake Gasket, Forged Racing radiator, and an RDX 410cc injectors. A Hondata Flashpro handles all the extra oomph after the owner has made all the recalibration he’d so desired.


As for the close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission, a Competition Clutch Stage 3 takes over the stock, while a few other shift-enhancing kits were also added. The handling was wholesomely reworked, with some chassis enhancements components from J’s Racing roll center adjuster, Spoon rigid collar set (to fill the tolerance gaps between the sub frame and the FD2R’s chassis; minimizes movement), and Hardrace rear camber kit. An M7 Super Damper suspension kit consist of the whole she-bang adds more sportiness to the FD2R’s handling.


The brakes have also received a comprehensive makeover – Endless 6-pot with 330mm rotor, HEL brake lines, Dixcel rear rotor and rear brake pads. The aesthetics both outside and in were given the usual refurbishments and you can check them out in our patented Hyperfacts!

Car: Honda Civic Type R FD2R

Engine Modifications: K20A Engine, TODA A3 High Cams, TODA Uprated Valve Spring, TODA Tensioner, TODA Front Light Weight Pulley Kit, Skunk2 Cold Air Intake, Skunk2 Engine Oil Cap & Radiator Cap, BLOX Thermal Intake Gasket, Forged Racing Radiator, TDM 4-2-1 Header, Custom 76mm Exhaust System with J’s Racing Muffler, J37 70mm Throttle Body, RDX 410cc Injectors,

Electronics: Hondata Flashpro, Defi Advance ZD

Transmission: DWR Shifter Base Collar, Competition Clutch Stage 3, Torque Solution Shifter Cable Bush

Suspension: M7 Super Damper Suspension, J’s Racing Roll Centre Adjuster, Spoon Rigid Collar Set, Hardrace Rear Camber Kit

Brakes: Endless 6 POT with 330mm rotor, HEL Brake Line, Dixcel SD Type Rotor (Rear), Dixcel Z Type Pads (Rear)

Wheels & Tyes: Wedsport TC105N 17″ x 8jj +38, Nankang NS2R 225/45/17

Interior: Bride ZETA 3 Full Bucket Seat, TAKATA 5 point harness, Nardi Classico Steering, Seeker Gear Knob

Exterior: DWR Front Splitter, Feel’s Front Lip

Text: Faz & Furiouz
Photos: Dennis Lhy