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The Well of Fire

Ah, the people mover. The biggest presence on your rearview mirror this side of a freakin Hummer. The Vellfire. Forgive the melodramatic intro but we rarely get to have this mighty seven-full-grown adults carrying luxury MPV featured on this here pages. And of course to have them here is to have them done upside down, inside-and-out. I mean we could not feature just any ‘ordinary’ stock and standard example of the Vellfire now can we? Regardless of how few there are out there. I mean we are who we are and a certain professional ‘etiquette’, a minimum ISO standard if you like, must be maintained.

And so having gone about our daily routine, day in day out, our hyper-sensitive trail-hunters had caught a whiff of a scent of not one, not even two but a trio of thumping Vellfires roaming the KL suburbs. These smartly decked-out Minivans have had Hypertune embedded in their DNAs since their ‘recreation’ and really, their six-page spread here is both justified and inevitable. Before long contacts were made, friendly words exchanged, a cool meeting spot was determined and the deal was done.
Okay guys (and gals) without prolonging this introduction any further, without trying to type out a freakin screenplay or any thing of that sort, we bring you the Vellfire trio.

The Sporty Black One
Among the trio this ‘blackened’ example with those almost incandescent green motif, stands out quite a bit, going on a different direction as per its tuning persona compared to the other two. And to say that his taste and preference, at least aesthetically, are different is an understatement. Try unique or wildly individualistic. I mean short of air-brushing some random art piece across the bodywork, this Vellfire might just be the most outrageous one yet.

Wearing the very latest Sixth Sense party dress this baby has got them all – front and rear ends, air vents aplenty up front, back end, plus the sides even; LED lights, and that humongous rear spoiler that wouldn’t be out of place on a GT3 racecar. And those striking graphics well, it does what it does really – adding a not-too-subtle touch of aggression to the Vellfire’s already outrageous demeanor. Rounding it all up is a set of twenty inch Venerdi Charente; the matching, body-colored choice of finish the owner went with, looking well and truly spot-on.

What else might there left to be said of this striking, ultra-sporty people-mover? Its looks are unique, that goes without saying. But even so, as wild and as outrageous as it may appear to be, the Vellfire’s renowned comfort and luxury characteristics remained intact, perhaps even more so with a few interior enhancements thrown in the mix.

Year make & model: 2010 Z Platinum Toyota Vellfire

Exterior: Sixth Sense bodykit (Latest 2014 Version) Front & Rear Bumpers with LED lights and rear reflector lamp, air vented design bonnet, bonnet spoiled, air vented design front fender, rear air vented design fender cover, rear spoiler, side skirt, side panel; LS600 RGB headlamp, Crystaleye tail lamp, Cool Kawasaki Green graphics

Interior: Full leathers seat with pilot seat headrest, Pivot Throttle Controller with rpm, acceleration and water temperature reading

Performance: RSR( lower spring only) Suspension & exhaust

Wheels & Tyres: Venerdi Charente 20”

The Also Sporty But Distinctively White, One
The second of the Vellfire trio is the distinctive pearlescent white example, with an equally outrageous bodywork but with a comparatively sedate appearance altogether. But then again any car or MPV or even a Shockwave Jet Truck would seem sedate when parked next to that dark, evil-looking green-lined winged monster. But since we are not here to dwell on whose more sedate or talk about sedatives of any form, let’s just let the matter rest.

Let us instead dwell on the finer aspect of this particular Vellfire – its classy finish, its smooth and shiny aesthetics. The kind of attention the owner showered upon his beloved Vellfire is we’d reckoned the same as a pageant consultant would lavish upon her favorite contestant. The meticulously-prepped exterior alone appears unblemished, made even more so with the high-quality finish of the pearl white paintjob.

That exterior consist of a number of Sixth Sense body pieces – front, rear and the sides; Admiration spoilers (cute name isn’t it?), and a Ward Black Bison front bumper and grille. Then there are quite a few extra bits and pieces all over – including a whole list of lamp accessories et al. They’re all there for you to see and admire, and I’d gather the one part that would get the most admiration must surely be those Rojam 20 inch wheels, shod with Toyo Proxes.

Year make & model: Toyota Vellfire Z edition 2009 model

Exterior: Ward Black Bison front bumper and grille, Sixth Sense Bonnet Spoiler, Side Skirt and Panel, Rear Bumper V3, Admiration Gate Wing Spoiler and Wing Spoiler, LS600 headlamp, Valenti Tail Lamp, Day Running LED, Rear Center Fog Lamp, Rear Bumper LED Reflector, Modellista Side Mirror Cover

Interior: Full leathers seat with pilot seat headrest, Pivot Throttle Controller with rpm, SilkBlaze Paddleshift Steering, Garax crystal interior lenses, Fibre optic interior lighting kit, Twin headrest DVD monitor, Illuminator side step

Performance: Ultra Racing rear anti roll bar

Wheels & Tyres: Rojam RT131 Wheels 20 inch 8.5J Front 20 inch 9.5J Rear; Toyo Proxes T1-R 245/40/20

The Sportiest of them all
Now, as those Carribean pirates have a natural propensity to say “Not for nought”, well in this instance that saying is all too appropriate I should say. As in ‘not for nought’ did we make you wait for this – the third and last in line of this outrageous Vellfire trio. Why? You may ask. Well, it is because this Vellfire contains more go-faster extras than the other two put together.
And not only that, there are goodies aplenty really, not just go-faster ones, there’s also look-cooler goodies, feel-cozier goodies, sounds-meaner goodies and just about everything in between. Of course the go-faster element of this purple Vellfire aren’t exactly major reworkings of the engine, I mean there’s no stroker kits or bolt-on supercharger or anything along that line. But the thing is, for a posh and proper luxury MPV to swagger around with a set of screaming red Brembo calipers nestled conspicuously behind the 20 inch RAYS alloys (a looker in their own right), takes this funky Minivan to a whole new level of funkiness, with a stronger sense of purpose and urgency thrown in for good measure.

Well okay then. For further measures of goodness there is that Fujitsubo exhaust kit with that rather discreet twin-pipe jutting out beneath the rear skirts. And in the midst of the whole host of extras there is also a Viair compressor system – for that real-time ride height adjustment from wholesomely slam dunk, ultra-low, stuck-at-road-bumps stance, to a more practical and ultimately more sensible ride level.

And sensibility is the underlying theme inside the plush, spacious and richly-upholstered cabin of this rather extravagant 2012 Z Edition. I mean the Vellfire is first and formost a luxury people-mover, and sensibly, the owner decided to enhance and expand on that luxury theme further with a number of thoughtful and practical additions. And of course, the extra interior bits are all geared towards one thing and one thing only – creature comfort. Things like the additional monitors, interior lights, fibre optics et al are all there solely for the benefit of the occupants – all seven of them.

So I’d say that as intense as this ‘Ultra Violet’ Vellfire seemed, as low and hunkered down as it may appear to be, the owner’s sensibility still underscores his tuning preferences.
And in our book, that shows class through and through.

Year make & model: Vellfire Z edition 2012; Dark violet Mica Metallic finish

Exterior: Modellista grille, front and rear lips. Valenti Tail Lamp & mirror signal, LS600 headlamp with RGB wifi controller

Interior: Dynavin 9” head unit, 12” roof monitor, Twin headrest DVD monitor, Papago driving recorder, Vono GPS data driving recorder, Works throttle controller, Silk Blaze steering with paddle shift

Interior switches with custom modification, Garax crystal interior lenses, Fibre optic interior lighting kit

TRD pedal, Illuminator side step, RGB wifi controller.

Performance: Brembo brakes 4 pot front, 2 pot rear, Fujitsubo Exhaust, Ultra Racing rear anti roll bar, AirForce adjustable suspension with Accuair power cable, Bold Tank with twin Viair compressors

Wheels & Tyres: RAYS Versus Stratagia Divola 20” rim with Dunlop DZ101 245/40/20