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The Mud Skipper

Subaru Impreza Ver.10 STi

In this fast-paced, ever changing digital era, almost nothing is certain or permanent and there is bound to be new creations from time to time by the creative and innovative minds of the 21st century. Everything is made with convenience and practicality in mind and to some extreme extents, the human touch is no longer needed to operate or accomplish certain tasks.

Everything is at a touch of a button; the “human experience” as I’d like to call it may no longer be needed to get a job done. Take working out for example, instead of having to manually punish yourself with countless repetitions and long hours at the gym, you can now have six pack ab by simply strapping on “a belt” which tones you up while you sit back and enjoy a good movie.

Cars nowadays drive themselves too! Not that I’m against such technological advancement on vehicles to offer some convenience to those with no passion for a good drive but, driving a car used to be all about the experience and the open road, a bond between man and machine. With a car that maneuvers and parks itself just kind of ruins the whole point of driving.

The Japanese may be one of the few nations to look to when it comes to technological advancements but thankfully with all the impressive gadgetry and improvements they’ve implemented into the car, the Subaru Impreza STi Version 10 still manages to feel very lively and human-like.

The hatchback look on the Version 10 Impreza may have turned out to be somewhat unorthodox compared to the more conventional sedan the pass 9 successful versions have shared. What really makes this model stand out from its predecessors is how geeky and nerdy it is. Armed with some advanced driving aids, it makes every James Bond car look like the three-wheeled Reliant Robin from the Bean series.

It championship-winning all wheel drive system has been further improved with various settings to choose from to suit various styles of driving and terrain. This one in particular has its boundaries pushed even further; the EJ20’s capacity has been pushed beyond factory. A HKS GT turbo kit which consists of the turbine itself, a turbine heat shield, stainless steel intercooler pipings, silicone hoses and a front-mounted intercooler have been placed in their appropriate areas to boost power figures.

Its respiratory system has also been given an edge with a HKS Power Flow and the HKS carbon fiber intake which not only provides increased air flow but also adds a dash of carbon fiber in the engine bay. Its cooling system has been stepped up a notch with the SARD racing radiator while the motor expels its gases through the FGK full exhaust system.

This red Impreza has got the HKS Hipermax III Sport Adjustable coilovers with pillowball mounts allowing it to be as swift and agile as a ballet dancer without any fuss. The stock STi wheels have been retained as the Subaru clings on to the tarmac with Potenza RE050 rubber.

With only the red paint to shout about, a Varis hood has replaced the original to add more carbon flavour while the interior boasts a pair of Pro-Drive carbon fiber semi-bucket seats that is extremely lightweight without compromising on safety. Apart from the nerdy and geeky gadgets and controls, the Subaru is also aided with a HKS EVC 5 boost controller to allow different boost settings, a HKS Valcon (VALTAI controller) and HKS F-Con IS on-board computer.

Some may commend on the gi-normous leap in terms of the technology that has gone into cars so rapidly over the years, some may not as with the improvements comes with it the segregation between the driver and the machine while the computer intervenes all the time. However said, it has definitely made the Ver.10 Impreza a real pleasure for both the novice and professional drivers. If such an engineering revolution interests you, it’s at Naza World, Petaling Jaya for your pleasurable viewing.

Car: Subaru Impreza STi Ver.10
Engine Modifications: HKS GT Turbo Kit (Turbine, turbine heat shield, stainless steel intercooler piping, silicone hoses, front mount intercooler), HKS Power Flow, HKS carbon fiber intake, SARD racing radiator, FGK full exhaust system, Zerosports lightweight pulleys
Suspension/Chassis: HKS Hipermax III Sport Adjustable coilovers with pillowball mount
Wheels/Tires: Stock STi wheels, Potenza RE050 245/40/18
Interior: Prodrive carbon fiber Bride Semi-Buckets
Exterior: Varis carbon hood
Electronics: HKS EVC 5 boost controller, HKS Valcon (VALTAI controller), HKS F-Con IS computer

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