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The F Word

There aren’t many other names in the world which evoke as much emotion as Ferrari does. Utter that magical Italian surname and instantly, images of fast, beautiful and stirring sports cars immediately come to mind. The Ferrari name is one synonymous with the upper echelons of motoring and everyone, regardless of gender, age, race and creed, immediately understands what the Ferrari name represents. Adored and appreciated by many, the Ferrari name is one which represents success, luxury and in most cases, good taste.

Cars which carry the Ferrari name are born as special creations which are meant to be coveted and lusted after. Little boys put up posters of Ferraris in their bedrooms, hoping to one day be fortunate enough to own one, while grown men salivate at the sight of a Ferrari, still hoping to one day be able to call one of these magnificent machines their own.

As much as I love my Japanese cars and scoff at Continental makes, Ferraris, as much as I hate to admit it, hold a very special place in my heart, as I’m sure they do with everyone else. To love a Ferrari is to love an icon, not just a motoring icon, but an icon of the 20th century. Ferraris are undoubtedly one of the greatest things to ever happen to humankind and I feel blessed just being able to share the same planet with these wonderful creations.

To own a Ferrari is to own a masterwork of automotive art. They are as beautiful to behold as they are to listen to and they’re fast. Many would be content, elated even, to own a completely stock Ferrari, but for a select few, stock is never enough, even if it’s an Italian supercar. Purists would cringe at the thought of modifying a Ferrari, but a true enthusiast knows and understands that there is always room for improvement.

As it stands, a Ferrari F430 is one of the best sports cars ever created. A car loved by many, the F430 was a huge leap forward for Ferrari, as it was a car which addressed many of the issues which plagued the Ferraris of days gone by. The advent of the F430 also signaled the beginning of a new era for the Italian sports car manufacturer, as it was the first car to feature an all new engine design, as all Ferraris before the F430 were powered by engines based on the Ferrari Dino engine, which was introduced in the late 50’s by Enzo Ferrari’s son, Alfredo “Dino” Ferrari.

But if there’s one thing that has not changed, it’s the sound that a Ferrari engine makes. This F430 now sounds like Armageddon on a bad day when the loud pedal is floored thanks to the Capristo exhaust system. The Capristo exhaust is a true sight to behold and proves to be a fantastic match for the engine bay. Just look at that red intake manifold being cradled by the subframe and that shiny exhaust…few engine bays look as beautiful as this.

Ferrari’s have always been beautiful. Well, there have been some pig ugly ones in the past but that’s a story for another time. Whether it’s a 50-year old Ferrari or a 5-year old one, a Ferrari is always a gorgeous sight which makes your pupils dilate. But that hasn’t stopped the owner of this fine Italian stallion from getting a Hamann bodykit.

The kit consists of the front spoiler, the side ‘wings’, the rear spoiler and a small diffuser which is attached to the venturi. But instead of painting the parts to match the gleaming silver paint job, each add on part has been wrapped in faux carbon fibre vinyls, giving each part a nice stark contrast to the silver paint. The same carbon fibre vinyl can also be found on the door handles, the fuel filler cap and even the steering wheel. Good taste or an error of judgement? You make the call.

The wheels, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, have also been replaced with 19 inch Hamann items wrapped in Continental tyres. The wheels make a world of difference for the F430’s looks, endowing it with a much meaner aura and a deeper, more aggressive stance.

Some may find it sacrilegious to change anything on a Ferrari. In some ways, I do agree with that, as Ferraris are already a picture of perfection as soon as they leave Maranello’s front gates, but the car nut in me can’t help but want to improve on things, no matter how good they already are, and this F430 is all the better for it because of a like minded owner.

Car: Ferrari F430
Engine: 4.3-litre V8, DOHC, 32-valve
Engine modifications: Capristo exhaust system
Wheels & Tyres: 19 inch Hamann wheels, Continental tyres
Exterior: Hamann bodykit (front spoiler, rear spoiler, side winglets, rear diffuser)
Tuner: Automotive Performance Development – 03-55690831

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