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The Evo That’s a Ticket To Return To The Track

In most places around the world, the Mitsubishi Evo is a car that got quite a lot of attention as being one of the most recognizable and iconic performance cars ever. The Mitsubishi Evo started to burst in the scene in the early 90s when it started to compete in the World Rally Championship replacing the old Galant. The outcome of Mitsubishi’s formula of a lightweight, four wheel drive, and turbocharged car, an excellent blend that excites and performs all in one compact and affordable package. 10 versions later, the Mitsubishi Evo is still the chassis of choice regardless if it’s for rally or race. Throughout its years, it has even became a pop icon in cinema ranging from the Hong Kong action flick called Thunderbolt to the Hollywood based Fast and Furious franchise.

At a past track day, I met with Rob, an expat and proud Evo owner in Singapore who just got back to the track after 11 years of absents. He was a bit nervous at first since it is a long time since he got a chance to drive hard on the circuit, but when I met him at Sepang, it was clear that when he does, he doesn’t want to take the slow and steady pace. So I got a chance to check out his Evo which sole purpose is to be Rob’s latest track weapon. Previously, before his absence, Rob has experienced driving on track before at the Wakefield Park Raceway prior to moving to Singapore. At the time, he was previously driving an Audi S4. He wanted to get back to the track since he was a car nut himself, but shortly after that session, he was sent to work in Singapore causing him to leave the hobby on hold.


Originally from Australia, Rob and his family have been living in Singapore for 10 years now. At first, his intention was to only to live in Singapore for work. However, after living there for 5 years, he decided to just settle down on the island state. Regardless of that, Rob really wanted to find a way and his ticket to get back to driving on the track. It was obvious he couldn’t postpone his plan much longer. Just by seeing all the modded cars he have owned before ranging from a fourth gen Mitsubishi Lancer coupe, to a Skyline R33, a B5 Audi S4 twin turbo to a Subaru Impreza STi. It was clear that Rob needed a new ride for the track after 11 years of absence.


So with no time to waste, Rob started to search for the ideal platform to fit his need. The criteria was simple, he wanted a platform which was ideal to drive and perform on track and it also has to be a streetable, nightly driven car for the streets of Singapore. So based on that criteria Rob first had his sights on the Mitsubishi Evo 9 RS as he believed it would be an ideal platform to fit the purpose as a streetable track car. But unfortunately due to the car’s age, he was required to have a renewed Certificate of Entitlement (COE) in order to own the Evo 9. Since Rob didn’t want to go through the trouble with the hassle and investing more than he should, he decided to move on and look for a more recent model.


Soon after, he thought of getting the Nissan R35 GTR as a weapon of choice. But when he thought about it even more, the R35 might perform well but it will not provide him the raw driving experience that he has wanted for so long. Despite being a good performance car, the R35 to him was far from basic and considered ‘too smart’ for him. On top of that, he also had to put into consideration that he and his family will have to return to Australia one day. So when that happens, Rob wanted to be able to take the parts back to his homeland so that he can use them on a replacement that he plans to get once he’s there. So after much searching, he finally settles on an already light tuned Mitsubishi Evo 10 RS that came with a HKS intake, Tial Q Blow off and a trust cat back exhaust.


Once the car was with him, Rob didn’t want to waste any time so he started dropping in some much needed bolt-ons on his 4B11 motor to get the right set up for the car. After a bit of modding and a tune up by Uber Garage, Singapore, the car is currently tracked tuned running 320 whp at 1.5 bar of boost. Based on his feedback, the drive feel of the car surpassed his expectations since he describes it as ‘if the car was driven on rails’ which is the exact feel Rob was going for. When he returned to the track for the first time, he managed to clock 2’37” on Sepang. Considered a good achievement, Rob still has a long way to go with his Evo to be perfected as his track weapon. But for now as a weekend warrior, the Evo 10 RS never fails to excite Rob as a driver.


Owner: Rob Monckton
Model: 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 10 RS CZ4A
Location: Singapore

2.0L 4B11 Inline-4
HKS air intake,
64 mm throttle body,
Koyorad radiator and hoses,
Redesigned fan cooling system with two separate swithes,
HKS oil cooler,
Cusco oil and air separator,
SARD fuel pressure regulator.
DW65 in tank fuel pump,
1000cc ID injectors,
Tomei downpipe, 3” test pipe, delete cat,
Trust cat-back exhaust,
Uber Garage custom exhaust manifold,
HKS 7460 Kai ball bearing turbo,
Trust Greddy Type R intercooler (3.9″ think core)
3 port boost controller, Tial Q BOV,
New ECU relays,
Open source tuning on stock ECU at by Gary of Uber Garage.

5 speed manual
ATS twin plate carbon clutch
Torque Solutions gearbox bushings
1.5 way rear LSD

HSD coilovers
Whiteline ARC kit
Whiteline 3way rear adjustable sway bar and hot chicks end links,
Beat rush diff bushing (really noisy when installed on RS)
Cusco rear tower strut bar
Girodisc 2 piece slotted rotors front and rear
Ferodo DS2500 front and rear pads
Titanium shims and upgraded brake fluid
Porsche brake ducts + removed dust shields
Goodridge braided steel brake lines

Wedsport SA67R 18 x 9jj Offset +20 (all round)
Yokohama Advan Neova AD08R 255/35/18 (all round)
20mm front spacer, 5mm rear spacer

Voltez rear wing
Varis widebody bumper, fenders and rear bumber areo
Custom carbon hood,
Carbon trunk,
Aerotech bonnet hood pins

Sparco EVO full bucket seat
Takata 4 point harness
OMP steering wheel
DEFI gauges (fuel pressure, oil temp, oil pressure, water temp & boost)