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The Big H Uber Roadster

Remember when the first generation S2000 was launched way back when, it wasn’t the eye-pleasing, timeless roadster looks that left most punters (including detractors) gob-smacked, or its relatively svelte and slender proportions that hints at its nimbleness and its hitherto handling potential inasmuch. Now all of the above traits, as noteworthy and as impressive as they were, aren’t the biggest deal of all the big deals pertaining to the S2000.

Nope, it was forever more that stupendously awesome 240 bhp F20C inline-4 rev-happy VTEC motor powering Honda’s fledgling roadster that had other makes pretty much stumped, stylishly wavy hairdo gone ball from incessant scratching, Sake bars doing brisk business thereafter from defeatist and beaten down car engineers lamenting and marveling at the awesome, well nigh terrifying prowess of ‘Big H’.


I mean Honda’s time-honored corporate principle – less is more, allowing just the minimal ‘endowment’ as per the performance and tech stuffs, permeates pretty much every model bearing the Honda badge, but with the S2000 that thumping 120 plus hp per liter powerplant, made that much sweeter with the VTEC singing its trademark ‘number’ up to 8300 rpm, redlining at 8900 rpm, such ‘restraint’ were pretty much set aside as it were. What Honda showed was in effect, they have the means and the capacity to do some extraordinary things when they want to. Only thing, they seem to not want to for the most part.


Yeah well for the most part the owner of this creamy white AP1 seems to be pretty dialed in to the finer aspects of ‘non-specific aftermarket performance excess’; a slightly fancier terms for mods or tuning or what not. His mod list, showed his proclivities for naturally aspirated performance albeit in a maxed out state of tune (which we’ll get to in a minute or two), and coupled that to the comprehensive reworking of the chassis and you get one stonking S2000 worthy of maybe renaming it S20000.

So that state of tune consists of some righteously Honda-esque brands, starting with Toda Racing components – cams, cam gear, valve springs, pretty much the ‘gold standard’ for the most popular option for most if not all Honda engine mods. Also in the mix are: J’s Racing carbon fiber intake, ASM header, Koyo radiator (along with Samco hoses), an exhaust system by Mugen, Hondata K-Pro being the major mods, whereas the ‘supplementary’ components in the engine bay are listed right at the very end. In any case such extra goodies can only be described as beneficial to the overall health of this fine piece of Honda automobile. Best guesstimate on the extra horsepower obtained is anywhere from a lot to like way more than a lot.


In the drivetrain department some sprucing up were done as per the stock clutch being replaced by an Exedy Hyper single clutch, 4.4 final gear courtesy of J’s Racing, the increasingly indispensible LSD a Kaaz 1.5way tailor-made for the S2000, and a Blox rear drive shaft spacer – a great addition to the lowered S2000’s longevity, as it helps alleviate the CV joints’ wear and stress.

With all of the above aspects of the powertrain pretty much sorted there’s that other bit rite? Well more like other bits (plural) really, as it concerns the chassis and aesthetic. The latter appears to be more to our liking really; the whole exterior kept pretty neat and clean – a classy take on the timelessly cool and ‘valid’ concept of understatement. Exterior parts added were front and rear lamps from the AP2, Amuse front bumper and cocooning Mugen hard top, which makes this S2000 a coupe albeit makeshift one as it can still be an open top should the owner wish it so.


Ok then a few more items here including the 18 inch Wedsport TC105N 9 inch wide front and rear with offsets for the front +35 and +50 rear. Behind the 10-spokers nestled the trademark Spoon monoblock calipers clenching on Dixcel rotors and pads, and another exotic (pretty darn) aftermarket item is the Tein adjustable suspenders, and there’s also a sturdier set of camber arms both front and back.


You could just imagine how incredible this piece of hyper ride would look blazing and burning up and down, right and left. Remember ladies and gents you see it here first.

Nuff said.

Engine Mods: stock F20C engine, Toda c2 cams, Toda adjustable cam gear, Toda up rated valve spring, Supertech retainer, J’s Racing CF intake, Koyo aluminum radiator, Cusco brake stopper, Carbing front strut bar, Samco radiator hose, ASM header, Mugen exhaust system, Hondata K-Pro ECU

Transmission: Exedy Hyper single clutch, J’s Racing 4.4 final gear, Kaaz 1.5way LSD, Blox rear drive shaft spacer

Brakes: Spoon monoblock 4 pot caliper, Dixcel SD rotor, Dixcel Z type brake pads, Dixcel 328 brake fluid

Chassis: Tein flex adjustable suspension, Ikeya Formula front & rear camber arm

Wheels & Tyres: Wedsport TC105N 18″x9jj +35, 9jj +50

Exterior: AP2 headlamp & rear lamp, Amuse front bumper, Mugen hard top

Interior: Seeker gear knob, Defi gauge

Text: Faz
Photos: Dennis Lhy