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The Beast

Beast. That’s the only word that I can use to describe this car. Fully stripped of all creature comforts and packing a highly tuned and fully built 4G63 powerplant, this purpose built drag car is now capable of producing 880bhp and 1000Nm of torque and with only 1260kg to move, this Evo would probably rearrange your face as it fires itself down the drag strip. Such is the caliber of cars built by Garage R, Singapore.

Garage R is known as one of the most capable and most extreme tuners in the South East Asian region as they’ve produced some of the most powerful and highly tuned cars this region has ever seen. One only needs to look at past issues where we’ve featured their creations to confirm this. This actually seems a little ironic to me, as Singapore’s roads are some of the most tightly governed ones in the world and the Singaporean authorities seem to have a stick always shoved up where the sun doesn’t shine. They don’t even have a proper racetrack! Tight arsed LTA officials and oppressive speed cameras be damned, those poor Singaporeans have the means to indulge in such high powered machinery but have no where to race them. But that hasn’t stopped them from creating masterpiece after masterpiece and this one is no exception.

As Garage R is a certified HKS Technical Pro Shop, it should come as no surprise that their Evo 8 drag car would be chock full of HKS goodies but before anything could go in, a lot of unnecessary things needed to come out. First, the chassis was completely stripped down to the bare metal so that it could be spot welded for extra strength and rigidity. If you look closely enough, you can probably see the spot welds around the rear suspension towers.

While the chassis was being prepped, the technicians at Garage R took this chance to work on the engine. The engine was taken apart and the block’s cylinders were bored out 0.5mm and re-honed to give the new HKS forged pistons a nice clean surface to work with. The pistons are connected to the HKS fully counter-balanced crankshaft by HKS H-beam conrods, making this block one of the toughest ones yet.

With the bottom end strengthened, the technicians could go wild with the head to make as much power as they possibly could. After porting and polishing the head, HKS 280º (intake and exhaust) camshafts were installed in place of the standard camshafts and now work together with HKS valve springs and retainers, while a pair of HKS cam pulleys allow for minute adjustments on the camshafts for optimal results. With the head prepped, both head and block were now ready to be rejoined but not before a brand new 1.6mm HKS Stopper type metal head gasket is sandwiched between them, with HKS Kansai head studs keeping a tight seal on things.

With the block and head fully prepped, Garage R could get to the meat of the engine build; selecting the turbocharger. Of course and without a doubt, a HKS turbocharger would be selected, but the question boiled down to which one. After much deliberating and calculation, it was decided that a HKS GT3240 with custom trim and housing sizes would suit their needs best. The turbo was mounted on a HKS stainless steel exhaust manifold along with a big HKS external wastegate. Tasked with cooling down the hot intake charge from the turbo is a HKS Type R intercooler kit while a HKS Racing blow off valve expels excess boost.

As expected from a purpose built car like this, it needs a very special fueling system to ensure that the engine doesn’t blow itself up because of a lean out in the fuel mixture. The fueling system starts with a HKS in-tank fuel pump which works together with a custom built HKS/Garage R external surge tank and feeding fuel into each of the 4G63’s four cylinders is a HKS SPL 1200cc injector. By the way, this beastly Evo 8 doesn’t run on the usual crap we get at the pump stations; it feasts on only the best hydrocarbons this side of Asia, HKS Racing Drag Gas which has an octane rating of 110!

Fuel needs a spark to burn and tasked with setting the fuel mixtures alight in the combustion chambers are HKS M45G Super Fire Racing spark plugs and a HKS Twin Power Ignition System.

With the engine hardware fully sorted out, the only thing left which needed taking care off was the engine’s management. Unsurprisingly, HKS’ F-Con V Pro was chosen for the task of handling the fueling and ignition maps, with a HKS EVC 5 electronic boost controller to handle the boost levels. With the F-Con V Pro and EVC 5 fully installed and tuned, the Evo 8 now made 880bhp at 5500rpm and 1000Nm of torque at 6100rpm with 2.8bar of boost.

Just like any other car build, all areas of the car need to be addressed for a balanced tune. Having 880bhp and 1000 Newtons of torque is a lot of power and the stock chassis would have a hard time coping. As mentioned earlier, Garage R had the chassis spot welded for extra rigidity, but also added a 3-point Carbing strut tower bar in the front and a 2-point Cusco strut bar at the rear. HKS Hipermax Pro Performer SPL coilovers with custom spring and damper rates are fitted to ensure that the Evo has all the traction it needs when it propels itself off the starting line.

Transferring power to all four wheels is a HKS Motorsports dogbox and putting power to the ground are Buddyclub QF wheels which measure 17×9 inches. The wheels are wrapped in Nitto N555R tyres which are 245/45R17 in size and slowing the car down after its quarter mile blast are Protune Racing 6-piston calipers and rotors.

Inside, there isn’t much left of the factory interior. All that remains inside now is a lone Bride driver’s seat, a Momo steering wheel, Defi gauges and the dashboard. Exterior wise, most of the car is still stock, save for the C-West front and rear bumpers and the Protune lightweight FRP doors.

Some cars are built to go sideways; others are built to smash lap times while others are built just for a laugh. Garage R says this Evo was built to go drag racing, but I think that they really built this car to make passengers sh*t themselves and rearrange their faces. That’s why it’s a beast.

Car: CT9A Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII
Engine: 4G63, 2-litre, 4-cylinder, DOHC, turbocharged
Engine modifications: HKS Forged Piston, HKS H-Beam Connecting Rod, HKS Full Counter Balance Crankshaft, HKS Camshaft (Intake 280˚ & Exhaust 280˚), HKS Cam Pulley (Intake & Exhaust), HKS Fine Tune Timing & Balancer Belt, HKS Valve Spring, HKS 1.6mm Stopper Type Metal Head Gasket, HKS Kansai Head Studs, HKS 1200cc Injectors (SPL), HKS Kansai In-Tank Fuel Pump, HKS / GR Custom External Anti-Fuel Surge Tank, HKS Twin Power Ignition System, HKS Super Fire Racing Plugs M45G, HKS GT3420 Custom, HKS Full Stainless Exhaust Manifold, HKS Racing blow off valve, HKS Type R Intercooler
Transmission: HKS Motorsports dogbox, HKS GD Pro SPL triple plate clutch
Suspension/Chassis: Spot welded chassis, HKS Hipermax Pro Performer coilovers, Carbing strut bar, Cusco strut bar
Brakes: Protune Racing 6-piston calipers and rotors
Wheels & Tyres: 17×9 Buddyclub QF wheels, 245/45R17 Nitto N555R tyres
Electronics: HKS F-Con V-Pro (Ver 3.24E), HKS EVC 5 (Electronic Valve Controller), Defi gauges
Interior: Momo steering wheel, Bride bucket seat
Exterior: C-West front bumper, C-West rear bumper, Protune lightweight FRP doors
Tuner: Garage R – 65 6453 9136

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