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That Familiar Feeling Of Fear

Lightly boosted up GT-Rs are increasingly commonplace these days but bear in mind that while this is just another face in a crowd… it’s nonetheless a crowd of supercar slayers sourced from ATS

“Another day, another GT-R,” you’re probably thinking. We hear you and unequivocally concur with that thought. Since the prices of these supercar slayers have dropped, they’ve just been mushrooming on the streets.

Back when the R35 was still in its infancy, it announced its arrival by tearing supercars worth double or triple its value a new poop hole. The world was in awe and every single time one rumbled by with that distinctive exhaust note, we rubbernecked it as much as we could.

A decade later however and the “wow” factor isn’t quite what it used to be. With more and more GT-Rs trawling the streets, the uniqueness or attraction that it possessed has definitely lost some of its lustre and we find ourselves inadvertently looking at every GT-R as just another basic boosted up example.

Lest we forget however, that very image we’ve now cast upon the GT-R is the very same one that grabbed our attention by the balls and made us sit up and take notice of Nissan’s technological take on blurring the lines between a sports car and supercar.

It’s nobody’s fault really that looking at the same picture or listening to what was once your favourite song repeatedly will dull some of the magnetism.

Nonetheless, the GT-R’s ability to ruthlessly take down supercars in stock form or even with just a bunch of minor mods is the exact reason we drooled and got aroused in the nether regions to begin with.

GT-Rs like the specimen here are the kind that will give a Ferrari or Lamborghini a run for its money with a handful of additions done in that unmistakable ATS style – the signature ATS GT-R approach that have made ATS the preeminent choice for all things GT-R.

Now the engine had the six injectors replaced with Injector Dynamic pieces to the tune of 1,000cc to squirt more fuel in. On the cooling side, some aluminium piping now connects the HKS intercoolers to the intake and turbocharger.

Aluminium piping replaced the intake channelling to the turbo with for the fresh air sucked in by the cold air intake. HKS also provided the blow-off valves to curb compressor surge. Amplifying the deep growl of the engine note would be a Meisterschaft exhaust system. The icing on the cake would be the unmistakable Nismo engine cover that adds a special touch to the engine bay of the GT-R that is notorious for not reflecting the mad power levels it’s capable of.

Even a 1,500hp GT-R would have an engine bay that largely resembled the stock setup as the majority of key components are tucked away from view.

Key to extracting maximum performance from any modern performance car; especially a GT-R, would be the tuning. With an overwhelming amount of tuning options available, the owner went with one of the more renowned brands; EcuTek. ATS does the remap of the stock ECU.

Although the power figures have been bumped up considerably, the transmission and brakes were left untouched as they were deemed more than sufficient to handle the added ponies.

However, the suspension has been binned in favour of the finest adjustable coilovers from Ohlins, another brand that is becoming synonymous with well-handling GT-Rs.

Even with all the electronic witchcraft and wizardry keeping the behemoth pointed in the right direction, increasing the mechanical grip is just as cardinal.

Large 20-inch Vossen X Works VWS-1 wheels in a staggered setup now fill the four corners and are wrapped in the default tyre of choice for high performance supercars, Michelin Pilot Super Sport. The fronts get a 285/35R20 setup while the rear is a monstrous 335/30R20 size that is easily one of the widest available on the market.

You would be forgiven for thinking that even the facelifted GT-Rs lacked any distinctive distinction between them on the cosmetic side. Granted, even the eagle-eyed would be hard pressed to point them out.

But collectively, the minor cosmetic enhancements work well to shave some years of a car that is at the decade mark. With that in mind, the owner went with an evolution rather than a revolution to bring the exterior up to par.

From the Nismo catalogue came a dry carbon side skirt as well as the headlights and taillights. More dry carbon goodness can be had with the Varis rear side diffuser, HKS Kansai front lip and side view mirrors. As a final touch and ode to the current version, the facelifted front and rear side indicators replace the ageing ones and a 2016 GT-R emblem takes centrestage on the grille.

Applied in the cockpit is the same discreet methodology with seats, the gear knob, instrument cluster and steering wheel from the Nismo catalogue fitted in lieu of the factory bits. They look almost identical save for the red leather trimming that can be traced to the GT-R Nismo edition.

We’d be the first to admit, this example of the venerable GT-R isn’t one of the most wildly modified examples to grace the pages of this magazine but the fact that just a bunch of minor supporting mods and a remap has elevated Nissan’s flagship into a supercar slayer speaks volumes about its potential and is a reminder why we shouldn’t commit the cardinal sin of taking it for granted.

Car – Nissan GT-R R35

Engine Mods – Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors, HKS intercooler + aluminium intercooler piping, aluminium air intake, HKS blow-off valves, Nismo engine cover, Meisterschaft exhaust

Transmission – Stock

Electronics – EcuTek remap ATS Automobile

Brakes – Stock

Suspension & Chassis – Ohlins adjustable coilovers

Wheels & Tyres – Vossen X Works VWS-1 20-inch, Michelin Pilot Super Sport 285/35R20 (front) 335/30R20 (rear)

Exterior Mods – Nismo GT-R dry carbon side skirt, Varis dry carbon rear diffuser, HKS Kansai dry carbon front lip, dry carbon side view mirror, 2016 GT-R fender emblem, facelift front + rear side indicator, Nismo headlight, Nismo taillight

Interior Mods – Nismo GT-R seats, Nismo gear knob, Nismo instrument cluster, Nismo steering