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Team Sakura-Tedco MCS Touring Production Champion

Gauging the state of health of the local automobile industry, any supposed authority with enough clout to do so with more than adequate credibility shall always be scrutinizing the local purveyors of speed & performance. These purveyors are none other than the likes of those ‘go-to’ guys who as their ‘makeshift’ title implies are indeed the wizards who ply their ‘mystical’ trade at the very heart of the local car scene slash industry, who performs their ‘witchcraft’ unto ‘unsuspecting’ enthusiasts who has that insatiable cravings for speed; seemingly incurable cravings that lo! And behold! Are ‘miraculously’ remedied by these ‘fabled’ folks they’d gone to. And one among these go-to guys or performance wizards or speed witches or what glorified mythical titles their deeply satisfied clients call unto them is the guys behind this mighty 2015 MCS Touring Production Overall Champion FD2R – Tedco Sport.


Before we go into the details of this MCS Touring Production Champion Honda let us talk a wee bit about Tedco Sport – a name that is well respected among the local racing slash underground scene. Although they’re not exactly a household name in the annals of the Malaysian motor racing archive Tedco Sport has been around for a pretty long time with more than three decades of experience in racecar engineering as well as race team management. Unlike the majority of establishments in the local tuning industry which begin their trade as provider of automobile services while inching their way into motor racing, Tedco Sport takes right about the exact opposite route – cutting their teeth first in the ultra mega hardcore competitive local and regional racing scene of yesteryears, proving their mettle before finding their well earned place in the local tuning scene.


In a nutshell Glenmarie-based Tedco Sport is an automotive technical centre slash provider par excellence offering pretty much everything from basic car maintenance to racecar engineering & management. Its racing arm Tedco Racing focuses on all race-related activities and currently manages teams/cars in various race series around Asia such as Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia series, Porsche Carrera Cup Asia and Malaysian Championship Series. That last entry the Malaysian championship Series was the avenue where this expertly engineered FD2R recorded its crowning achievement – becoming the deserving champ in the Touring Production class last year, racing under the Team Sakura-Tedco Racing livery. In fact this team has had numerous outright victories as well as brilliant finishes prior to this FD2R’s own brilliance.


Team Sakura-Tedco Racing was formed in 2012 with a two pronged objectives: to firstly compete in Malaysia’s premier racing series, known back then as the Malaysian Super Series; and secondly but more importantly to showcase the quality and performance capabilities of Sakura filters and ADR Race Series Radiators in the most demanding of environments. These two brands are the two major sponsors slash partners for Tedco Racing, with LMS the racing seat and harness provider being another sponsor of the team. Success swiftly came within just a year – a 2nd Place finish overall in the 2013 Sepang1000km. The following year, Team Sakura-Tedco Racing took the overall championship in the Malaysian Touring Car category, before this fine FD2R’s 2015 MCS Touring Production Championship-winning run with Mark Darwin at the wheel. Team Sakura-Tedco Racing also took 3rd place overall in the 2015 Malaysian Touring Car Championships in the Proton Preve driven by Fitra Eri.


Surely by now you’re all pretty well and truly psyched to see what sort of hardware this champion FD2R runs on, thrives on, lives and breathes on right? The registered trademarked Hyperfacts list of this exceptional Tedco Honda FD2R which completely and genuinely adhere to the unflinching MCS Touring Production Regulation in case you’re wondering consists of some fine and exotic and equally exceptional race-worthy components. Like for instance the FD2R’s Tedco Sport-prepped K20A engine relays its creamy atmo power to the tarmac via a 6-speed H-pattern transmission with bespoke ratios and LSD; better engine cooling is provided by ADR Racing radiator and Mocal oil cooler, while the cutting edge Motec ADL does its clever functions as well as making the dashboard look so utterly cool.


The FD2R’s chassis was fully seam welded and lightened (also prepared by Tedco Sport) and features welded Mugen FIA-spec roll cage. Handling package features Nitron dampers & springs, Alcon 4-pot brakes with 330mm rotors and Endless pads. The already cool looks with the cool graphics is given a classy final touch with the Yokohama A050 245/40-17 wrapped around Enkei’s RPF1 wheels, at the same time also providing optimum contact and grip on the race track. (For the full list of go-faster components et al check out this FD2R’s Hyperfacts! at this one-off feature’s end).


Make/Model: Honda Civic FD2R

Series: Malaysian Championship Series (MCS), Touring Production Class

Previous achievements: 2015 MCS Touring Production Overall Champion (Driver: Mark Darwin)

Engine & Engine mods: K20A prepared by Tedco Sport (under MCS Touring Production regulations); ADR Racing Series Radiator, Mocal oil cooler, Tedco Sport bespoke fuel delivery system.

Data acquisition: Motec ADL

Transmission: 6 speed H-Pattern with bespoke gear ratios & LSD

Chassis: Prepared by Tedco Sport. Fully seam welded & lightened. Welded Mugen FIA specification roll cage

Suspension: Fully rose jointed arms with Nitron dampers/springs

Brakes: Alcon 4-Pot front calipers with 330mm rotors, stock rear caliper/rotor, Endless brake pads

Safety equipment: ATL 60L Fuel cell, OMP electronic fire extinguisher.

Interior: Beltenick 6 point harness & racing seat supplied by LMS

Wheels & Tires: Enkei RPF1 17x9JJ , Yokohama A050 245/40-17

Team/ Builder: Team Sakura-Tedco Racing

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