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Tasty Turbo Tangerine

Nicky, the owner of this turbocharged mandarin orange on wheels, and I actually go back quite a bit. We first met about 3 years ago when I joined a club for Honda owners. Back then, his car was in a milder tune, although, ‘mild’ is a relative term when it comes to him. The car started life as a JDM EG4, equipped with the common but weak D15B. That was quickly thrown out and replaced with a B18C.

The B18C didn’t remain stock for long of course, for it was soon ravaged and filled with parts from the brand names we all worship and hear about in Hot Version and Best Motoring videos.

There was this one gathering which was held at the Projet station in Taman Connaught and it was there I was treated to the sight of an orange and an apple rolling (quite quickly, I might add) down the highway. The sweet and juicy fruits in question were of course Nicky’s tangerine-hued EG Civic and another red EG Civic (now reborn as Racecraft’s carbon fibre demo Civic, which we featured in Volume 56) participating in an impromptu drag race. I can’t tell you who won, because my slow POS couldn’t keep up with them. It was also at this gathering that Nicky sold me his OEM front strut bar for RM48.90. The weird price is because I’d forgotten to go to the bank before the meet so I was short about 12 bucks of the agreed price. Nicky was nice enough to give me a discount. Haha!

Since that eventful night in Taman Connaught, Nicky and I have barely kept in touch save for the occasional meet up with Alan, another friend of ours. I’ve always worshipped his car and it had been almost 2 years since I last met up with him, so you can imagine my surprise when I passed his car in Sunway, only to see that huge intercooler inside the front bumper smiling right back at me.

Nicky didn’t plan to go turbo at first, in fact he didn’t even plan on keeping the car. He was going to put it up for sale until a friend of Nicky’s told him he was stripping his turbocharged Civic down before it was to be sold. Nicky quickly picked up the turbo kit along with the B20B block, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The B18C made way for the new torque monster; a B16A head mated with a B20B block. Attached to the custom made exhaust manifold is a sizeable HKS GT PRO 2835 turbine which forces more air via the custom made piping into a 70mm throttle body from an Alfa Romeo, attached to an Integra Type-R intake manifold. The charged air, which is cooled by a GT-R sized intercooler from Infinite, then enters the combustion chamber via the B16A head with Type-R valve springs and retainers and the valves’ opening and closing routines are governed by camshafts from a B18C while Toda camshaft pulleys allow for adjustment of the camshafts’ timing.

Squirting fuel into the combustion chamber are 700cc injectors from Power Enterprise which receive their supply of fuel from a Walbro 255 litre per hour fuel pump. After the fuel and air and mixture have done their job of making the dyno-proven 365 horsepower, the waste products are taken care of by a custom made 3-inch diameter exhaust system and an RS*R muffler. Preventing overboost is a TiAL 46mm wastegate and keeping the lubricant cool is a Mocal oil cooler. The car now runs on a GReddy E-Manage and Nicky says that with a standalone ECU, such as a Haltech, 400bhp is easily achievable.

A friend had the chance to test drive Nicky’s car and all he could say after the drive with a blank expression on his face was, “Torque…torque…torque, torque…”

Poor Bryan, he’ll never be the same again.

Transferring the power to the wheels is the stock gearbox which has been beefed up with an Exedy Super Single clutch to handle all that extra torque and powaah.

Keeping all that power and torque under control are Ohlins fully adjustable coilovers and Nissan 4-pot calipers in the front, which clamp down on rotors from a BB4 Honda Prelude. The turbo’d citrus rolls on Volk Racing CE28N replicas, shod with (balding) Yokohama Advan AD07s on the fronts and Bridgestone RE-01 tyres on the rears. How these tiny 15 inch wheels are able to cope with all that torque is beyond me. Oh wait, they don’t. This car is notorious for its tyre shredding antics.

The interior rivals the cockpit of a Boeing 777 jet with its plethora of gauges and instruments strewn across the dashboard. Defi boost, exhaust temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, fuel pressure and water temperature gauges dominate the centre of the dash, while an Autometer Cobalt series tachometer and air/fuel ratio gauge occupy the right side of the dash, mounted on the A-pillar. Giving Nicky a better grip on things is the classic Nardi steering wheel which never goes out of style; he’s had that thing for years! Sitting on the steering column is an Apex’i turbo timer and on the windscreen is a HKS EVC 4 electronic boost controller.

Exterior modifications have been kept to a minimum, as the EG Civic looks best when left relatively untouched. A carbon fibre bonnet replaces the steel one to save weight, although I think that extra weight over the front wheels would have helped with the traction that this car lacks. The ubiquitous Spoon duckbill spoiler replaces the stock one and Spoon side mirrors minimize drag. The headlights have been replaced with projector lights with angel eyes to give better visibility at night.

This is by far one of the better Civics I have seen. VTEC turbo Civics aren’t that rare these days and it’s nice to see one that looks clean and tasteful, unlike the other one featured elsewhere in this issue. :)

I have yet to get a ride in this orange monster, or shall I say, little_monster. Maybe it’s time I went to see Nicky and collect my “fee” for writing this article.

Car: Honda Civic EG4
Engine: Turbocharged B16A + B20B hybrid
Engine Modifications: B16A head + B20B Block, B18C cams, Type-R valve springs & retainer, Type-R Intake manifold, Alfa 70mm throttle body, 700cc power enterprise injectors, Walbro Fuel Pump 255, Toda cam pulleys, Custom exhaust manifold, Infinite GTR sized Intercooler, Mocal oil cooler, TiAL 46mm wastegate, HKS GT PRO 2835 turbo, Custom exhaust piping 3 inch, RSR exhaust
Transmission: Stock gearbox, Exedy Hyper Single clutch
Suspension and Chassis: Ohlins fully adjustable coilovers, Nissan 4-pot calipers, BB4 Prelude disc rotors, Integra Type-R strut bars front and rear
Wheels and Tyres: Volk Racing CE28N replicas, Yokohama Advan AD07 (f), Bridgestone RE-01 (r)
Electronics: GReddy E-Manage, HKS EVC 4, Apex’i turbo timer
Interior: Defi boost, exhaust temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, fuel pressure and water temperature gauges, Autometer Cobalt tachometer and air/fuel ratio gauge, Nardi steering wheels, Recaro and Sparco reclinable bucket seats
Exterior: Spoon duckbill spoiler, Spoon side view mirrors, projector heal lamps with angel eye surrounds, carbon fibre bonnet
Tuner: JC Racing Asia, Tel: 603-5633 8529

Nicky would like to thank JC Racing, Racing Fit, Wangan Racing, Option Art and In-Car Car Wash for their help and support in building this project.

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