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Sunny Bunny

The word old school has been one of those increasingly overused terms in this here language and we’ve become pretty much accustomed to such ‘cliché-esque’ terms that even if we have gotten well and truly adjusted to labeling something as ‘old school’ there’s odds aplenty that it’d be, for the lack of a better word (funny how that tends to happen ennit?) unwarranted. Well, pretty much anyway. But thank heavens this isn’t one of them times. Short of being the oldest school there is, this is as they say is right ‘bang for the bucks’ in old school Bimmer talk.

This very project descended upon my desk via our former foreign collaborator Johan who was kind enough to provide a parting gift before he’d left. We extend our best wishes to you my good man and may you achieve all that you desire out of life. And on that somewhat slightly emotional note let us return to the matter at hand alright? Bringing the full force of the owner’s own (one Ronny Sabillon roaming about somewhere in Southern California, mind) collective sponsors, the man made some preemptive statements which I’d reckon justifies the E36 wide as hell Bimmer project in its conceptualization as such.


Ronny mentioned first of all he’d wanted a first ever supercharged Euro Bunny, and he’s a pure blooded BMW aficionado down to his very DNA. In fact his family of four each has a pair of these superlative Bavarian rides. Inasmuch as we are all fully cohesively aware of, that google-able spot in sunny SoCal might just be among the top five havens for the mod scenes in this god-given sphere we’ve so neglected and abused we call our home. And there’d be a strong likelihood that mentioning ‘bunny’ might bring about those superlicious Playboy bunnies in their ultra exposed states and their… err well talk about diversions yeah? We’d best get on with it before we get well and truly diverted.

Yeah well such outstanding distractions are nothing outa the ordinary in SoCal ennit? But this here E36 1998 M3 supercharged bunny pretty much is, as according to Ronny this is something and I’m verbatim-ing here “something that wasn’t done before”. Well now did I mention that this fella has got some mighty sponsors behind him, backing him up? Well of course they’d be backing him up since they’re behind em? Yeah well there’s that as far as my feeble attempt at humor. Okay no more lame jokes. Promise.

Anyway the backers reads like an enthusiast’s ‘what I like for me birthday’ list really; LTMW, Active Autowerkes, Floss Design, Sarto Racing, The Car Shop Socal and Airrex. Imagine that, with such lofty names in tuning mere walking distance away, pretty fat wallets and corporative sponsors all at your beckoning , it is not a question of what’s possible really, it is more like what’s not possible. And so for Ronny the Bimmer’s visual enhancements required his own personal choice the unmistakable wide-body Rocket Bunny kit mated with Airrex full digital air bag suspension system. And of course those fabulous Floss Design deep dish BBS RS sized 17 inch. In each of the three components Ronny’s unconditional love for them are gob-smackingly obvious.
Further aesthetical reworkings includes the Porsche RS door handles, reupholstered suede/leather innards, custom roll cage, 3M tints, Personal steering, and a nice and neat little visual touch underneath the hood – wire tucking.


Which leads us conveniently to the hardware in that very same engine bay; and therein lies the supercharged mayhem courtesy of Active Autowerkes – its patented Stage 1 kit good for some wholesome power kick according to the brand’s website. And there’s even more ponies at hand thanks to the full exhaust system also from Autowerkes. There’s a good 450 ponies on tap in there at least, talk about the go to match the show.

Additional add-ons consist of the ultra cool CAE shifter, and a kick-ass twin JL Audio subs with Hertz speakers all around. And before we sign out let us let the big man Ronny himself explain something at the very heart of this entire build, “Reason I went with a BMW to build is because, they truly are the finest. Nothing else compares to the way Bimmers look feel and drive in my opinion. Everyone in my family is also BMW enthusiasts. We are family of four but yet each own 2 BMWs.” And “favorite parts of the car would have to the wheel; I’ve always been a sucker for deep dish BBS wheels. As far as the for the SoCal car scene, we just keep on growing and growing every year with bigger and badder whips. We can’t let this fad go away! Ever! It’s widebody era thang!!! LOL!

Go on then, in a gesture of appreciation Laugh Out as Loud as you can, but that’d be LOALAYC wouldn’t it?

Car: 1998.5 BMW M3

Engine Mods: Active Autowerkes Stage 1 Supercharger kit & full exhaust system, engine bay wire tuck by Gear Heins

Transmission: CAE Shifter

Handling: Airrex full digital air bag suspension system

Brakes: LTMW rotors

Wheels & Tyres: Floss Edition BBS RS deep dish wheels 17×10.5 front and 17×11.5 rear, Nitto Tyres

Exterior: Rocket Bunny wide body, Aeroflow front diffuser, side and rear, Porsche RS style door handle/straps, 3M tints

Interior: full reupholstered suede and leather interior by The Car Shop, custom roll cage, Personal steering wheel with Works bell hub

ICE: JL Audio trunk mounted twin subwoofers, Hertz speakers

Text: Faz & Furiouz
Photos: Johan Johanson